Introducing the Sleuth Society

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Let’s grow Fierce together At Fierce, we love new business leads who come to us because they’ve heard great things about our work or about the Fierce people from a friend. A warm introduction always allows us to begin a working relationship, and ultimately a wonderful new friendship, on a strong foundation of trust and confidence right from the start. It helps us more efficiently accomplish our mission of doing mighty work with excellence for the brands that we serve—and as a result, effecting change in our world. Fierce has created the Sleuth Society Neilson data continues to show that people are 4 times more likely to … Read More

Happy birthday, Fierce.

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*A very special thank you to Jeremy Tufts with Southern Cross Pictures for the photo. A fond memory of a very Fierce evening in Napa. Thankful for two Fierce years.  As Fierce Strategy + Creative pauses to celebrate its second year and begin its third, we are so grateful for everyone who makes Fierce fierce. Today we want to take a moment and say thank you to some of the people who make us special—and the clients who we’re privileged to serve. Cheers to 2—and here’s to many, many more. Thank you Colby, Karen, Andy, Jeremy, Misty, Danielle, Ryan, and Tim. Thank you for your fierce passion, … Read More

Our copious notes on the TED Radio Hour + the power of branding.

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*Photo by Kristen Eisenhauer, featured on Huffington Post  TED talks about the power of branding. If you’ve ever visited our blog before, you know by now that we’re big fans of lots of great podcasts, including the TED Radio Hour. We were listening to a great one the other day about branding and the crafting of the movie, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” We can’t listen to a TED podcast without taking copious notes so we thought we would share some of the highlights we captured here on the blog. Branding excerpts Brands help us assign value to the things we buy.  When it came to pitching the movie, “The Greatest Movie Ever … Read More

The mythical spirit of a genius.

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*Image from, Albert Einstein The myth of genius. As a creative director, you will rarely hear me call a fellow creative soul a genius. I can remember the times I have very clearly in my mind and I could barely count them on the fingers of one hand. Geniuses exist—like Einstein, but I hold that word sacred. For me, there has always been something about the label of genius that discredits hard work, academic study, practice, passion, problem solving, consistency, persistence, enthusiasm, intelligence, and the honest daily pursuit of excellence—everything I believe creativity to be at its very core. Like the term guru, it has always felt trendy and … Read More

Dealing with the unexpected highs and lows of entrepreneurship—and caring for people.

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*Image provided by Jago Illustrations. Check out his amazing work here:  When the going gets rough. There have been times in my three entrepreneurial adventures over the past 15 years where things have not gone as planned. When you are a business owner, an employer, and a business partner, people will disappoint you, people’s actions will shock you and break your heart, and sometimes—things just don’t go the way you thought they would. How you react in these moments is what matters above everything else. It defines and shapes the future of your brand—and it defines and shapes you as a person. Five strategies to help you … Read More

HBR: Common traits that lead to global business success.

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*Image from Successful global companies share common traits. Successful global companies don’t just happen. They are born from intentional and purposeful strategy, clarity of mission, disciplined focus and a whole lot of courage—starting right from day one. I was watching a little Harvard Business Review video recently that called out seven characteristics successful global companies have in common. HBR found from their research that it’s usually the internal capabilities of a company that make or break international endeavors, not just the external conditions of new markets. I did a little research on each of the seven traits and their most basic definitions so I could personally measure our own Fierce brand against them. Seven characteristics successful companies demonstrate.  … Read More

The fascinating stories of how entrepreneurs get started.

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*Image from charity:  water of Scott Harrison holding his signature yellow jug. NPR’s “From Scratch”, the show about the entrepreneurial life. I love listening to educational radio programs and as an entrepreneur and brand strategist for entrepreneurial brands, I’m a big fan of NPR’s “From Scratch”, the show about the entrepreneurial life. As I was driving back from a Fierce meeting up in SC this weekend, I heard the episode that featured Scott Harrison, founder of charity:  water and Dan Yates, Co-Founder of Opower. Both of their stories got me excited. Here are a few excerpts of things I learned as I listened. What I loved about … Read More

Fierce gets a powerful 47.3% open rate for email marketing campaign.

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*Delightful illustration provided by Dan Stevenson. Check out his work here: Thanks, Dan, for sharing your magic with us.  Fierce is not your average bear.  Has your brand ever earned a 47.3% eyes-on-rate for an email marketing campaign? Or a 5.5% active response rate? Our team of brand strategists, writers, designers and digital partners have crafted a formula for success—and our analytics are speaking for themselves. By working with a strategic partner like Fierce, you can see the same rates of success for your company. An excerpt from our most recent email campaign: A Fierce team of people who get what’s at stake for your brand.  With this highly strategic, highly targeted, visually … Read More

Fierce’s CEO shares what it means to have a strategic brand partner.

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Fierce Strategy + Creative

*Image used with permission from Ellen Silverman.  We love to see the brands we serve grow. One of the biggest things that gets us excited at Fierce is when clients tell us that their numbers are up, their employees are sharing that they feel reinspired by their newly crafted core values, their company is experiencing a level of growth they didn’t know was possible, a board of directors meeting was shorter than expected because performance continues to be so strong—or that they were simply able to make a tough call with confidence because they used their brand as their compass and trusted their strategy. All of this comes … Read More