Blog post photo: image of a TV set design for our client, SandRidge Energy

Fierce or nothing.

Fierce is not just the name of our company—it’s a lifestyle and an attitude that our clients choose to live out with us. As we see this happen with each of our clients throughout the course of our working relationships with them, this is truly one of our favorite things.

Fierce exists to do great work with excellence that effects change in our world. And we do this by serving our clients and the partners we work with each day with an excellent strategic product. But it’s the moments when Fierce becomes part of the language of our clients that we love the best.

When a client sends us a text that ends with the hashtag #FierceOrNothing or when a client sends a photo of their little baby in a Fierce t-shirt, or when we get a call from a client saying, “I wasn’t feeling it today at the office. I was so overwhelmed with all that was going on. So I ran home at lunch and found the bear claw necklace that you gave me from Fierce and I put it on. And I held on to that bear claw and reminded myself that I am fierce—I can do this. And I went back to work and I killed it for the rest of the day.”

These are the priceless moments we love to experience with all the brands we serve—when a brand suddenly transcends the tangible and becomes a part of the customer’s heart.

Brand fiercely with us.

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