Fierce interns wanted

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Image of St. Simons Island beach shot by one of the Fierce people, Tim Rude Fierce is looking for two summer interns Fierce Strategy + Creative is a strong advocate for mentoring and training students and graduates as they prepare to begin a career in the advertising industry. Fierce works with both multimillion dollar brands and start-ups, and we provide pro-bono and reduced-rate services for non-profits and cause-driven entrepreneurs who need a hand getting started. Fierce on the road  We recently flew to Sweden in May to speak to 14 students who are all involved in non-profits in many different countries ranging from fighting sex trafficking to … Read More

Fierce or nothing.

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Blog post photo: image of a TV set design for our client, SandRidge Energy Fierce or nothing. Fierce is not just the name of our company—it’s a lifestyle and an attitude that our clients choose to live out with us. As we see this happen with each of our clients throughout the course of our working relationships with them, this is truly one of our favorite things. Fierce exists to do great work with excellence that effects change in our world. And we do this by serving our clients and the partners we work with each day with an excellent strategic product. But it’s the moments when … Read More

Fierce in the Press: CEO Blog Nation

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Photo credit: Jeremy Tufts, Fierce photoshoot, We Took To The Woods, Greenville, SC Fierce in the press We were excited to see our Founder + CEO quoted in the recent post on CEO Blog Nation, “21 Entrepreneurs Debate If You Can Learn to be an Entrepreneur.” Here is an excerpt: “I have wanted to be an entrepreneur every since I was a little girl. I planned my college degree, the first ten years of my career, and every choice I made during that time with the goal of owning my own company when I felt I was ready and when the time was right. I purposely put … Read More

Dealing with the unexpected highs and lows of entrepreneurship—and caring for people.

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*Image provided by Jago Illustrations. Check out his amazing work here:  When the going gets rough. There have been times in my three entrepreneurial adventures over the past 15 years where things have not gone as planned. When you are a business owner, an employer, and a business partner, people will disappoint you, people’s actions will shock you and break your heart, and sometimes—things just don’t go the way you thought they would. How you react in these moments is what matters above everything else. It defines and shapes the future of your brand—and it defines and shapes you as a person. Five strategies to help you … Read More

The fascinating stories of how entrepreneurs get started.

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*Image from charity:  water of Scott Harrison holding his signature yellow jug. NPR’s “From Scratch”, the show about the entrepreneurial life. I love listening to educational radio programs and as an entrepreneur and brand strategist for entrepreneurial brands, I’m a big fan of NPR’s “From Scratch”, the show about the entrepreneurial life. As I was driving back from a Fierce meeting up in SC this weekend, I heard the episode that featured Scott Harrison, founder of charity:  water and Dan Yates, Co-Founder of Opower. Both of their stories got me excited. Here are a few excerpts of things I learned as I listened. What I loved about … Read More

Leading with confidence and humility: A balancing act.

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*Image from You cannot be one without the other. Confidence here does not mean ego, it is belief and care for yourself. Humility comes from that—and the heart. —from Quora I am in the middle of an interesting conversation with a client about leading with confidence and humility. It has been a fascinating topic to study. I pulled some articles together for the two of us to discuss and I have personally learned a lot along the way. One of my favorite quotes that I discovered was, “When you realize your value to others, confidence is no longer about self-promotion. In fact, confidence is no longer the right word. It’s about purpose.” This was … Read More

The link between sleep and success.


Now Reading | Why Successful Entrepreneurs Snooze More and Work Less If you read my recent post about the benefits of sleeping on the job, you know that I value sleep. I believe it makes you more productive and it makes you more creative. And I love that science backs this up. I also believe that it keeps you from becoming crazy and doing great harm to yourself and to those around you. When you are overtired, you make mistakes, you misjudge individuals and situations, and you become paranoid. This article in Entrepreneur magazine gives some great advice on setting the best sleep schedule for you. … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: “I didn’t follow my heart. I worked my ass off.” – Food & Wine, spotlight on women.

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Now Reading | I Didn’t Follow My Heart. I Worked My Ass Off. Who: Jeni Britton Bauer What: Pastry chef/owner Where: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream; @jenisicecreams This article had me at the headline. Yes. Work ethic is what it is all about. Some excellent advice from ice cream expert, Jeni Britton Bauer. Your life is yours, and it’s going to suck sometimes and be great sometimes. It’s going to hurt so bad that you want to turn around and crawl into a hole. It’s going to be so high and wonderful that you will wonder how to keep it there (and you’ll fail at that). You’ll make mistakes, but … Read More

Companies with a mission. Meet the man of honor who started Rags of Honor.


People who see a problem and decide to do something about it are some of my most favorite people in the world. Mark Doyle is one of those people. Mark served over in Afghanistan as a private contractor doing forensic accounting and while he was there, he lived alongside the soldiers. He saw firsthand how hard they worked under the worst of conditions and had a huge amount of respect for them. He also saw that when they came back to the US, they were out of work and suicide rates were high*. One day he decided to start a company that would employ only veterans. That … Read More

Note to self: 10 quick reminders for entrepreneurs


Love this good advice to entrepreneurs, myself included, from Entrepreneur Magazine: 1. Lying to yourself or others about your traction. Careful, or you start to believe your own lies. Related: 10 Essential Startup Expenses, and 10 You Should Avoid 2. Focusing on too many things at once. Become excellent in one thing. 3. Working yourself to death. Don’t do it. Outsource. 4. Following shiny objects. Stay focused. 5. Building terrible “lean” products. Don’t build crap. 6. Using the word “I”. It’s all about humility. Related: 5 Questions to Ask About Your Financial Model to Add Real Value To Your Startup 7. Building companies with no revenue. It’s a business, not a hobby. Create something that … Read More