A brief interview with our Founder + Idea Chief, Beckie Manley.

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An excerpt from a discussion with our Fierce Founder + Idea Chief, Beckie Manley:

Chris: Your track record with successful agencies is super impressive. How did you get started in the agency world?

Beckie: Hello, Chris. Thanks for reaching out. I always knew I would be an entrepreneur. I worked very hard for many years getting my degree and learning the ropes, strategically surrounding myself with incredibly smart and talented people. When I turned 30 I decided it was time for me to start my first agency. Fierce Strategy + Creative is my third entrepreneurial venture now 15 years later and we are loving every minute. Very blessed and grateful to have run three profitable companies and privileged to have worked with amazing clients.

Chris: Awesome. What’s the difference between Fierce and your other agencies?

Beckie: There are a lot of core similarities in our ideology, functional philosophies, and design and client service philosophies because those have carried through each agency with my leadership. The key difference is that with Fierce, we turned the traditional agency model upside down and got ahead of the curve with how clients want to be serviced in our industry. We are a creative collective and this model has been well received by all of our clients. It keeps me at the boardroom table focused on strategy and client relations which is where my strengths lie vs. managing real estate and a large full-time staff. It keeps us nimble and responsive—and it makes me happy.

Chris: What do you mean? How did you turn it on its head? Are you only doing strategy now?

Beckie: Instead of being more of a traditional agency with lots of full-time staff, multiple geographic locations, and real estate, all of which can be cumbersome and expensive, we have a core team of full-time staff and contract staff in very specific areas of expertise all across the country. People we have worked with for years, built relationships with, who understand our expectations and level of excellence—and who are the best at what they do. This allows us to be as small or as large as a brand needs us to be, nimble, and highly specialized with custom built teams for each client’s specific needs.

Chris: That’s awesome. I heard Ryan Deiss talk about that exact same thing last year.

Beckie: Thanks, Chris. I enjoyed chatting with you.

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