Fierce Puts the Sparkle in Corporate America

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Client Highlights

We are so grateful for the companies who trust us with their brands every day. Thank you to Coastal Beverage Company for sharing with us what the Fierce rebrand and the last six years of Fierce strategic brand partnership has meant for their company.

“We are unique as a company because we represent so many other brands that we help build and support. As a result, we had never made a real investment in our own brand. It’s easy to get lost in the brands you are helping to represent and build. When we met Fierce, we really just had a mark—not a brand. But once we decided to make that investment and chose Fierce as our strategic partner, we were able to create a brand that stands on its own, that has a strong brand identity, and that helps generate pride with all of our employees.


Everything we do now centers around our brand and our brand language—it anchors every decision from our buildings to our website to what artwork we put on the wall in each person’s office. It has helped significantly with hiring, recruitment, retention, sales, and growth. We find that we have more business opportunities, and ironically, it has actually strengthened our relationships with the brands we represent as well—with our suppliers, retailers, and our partners.


It also helps everyone on the Coastal Crew—from the executive team to our drivers to our warehouse teams—do a better job each day. It has affected our corporate communication so much and the way our team and our employees and every person that we interact with feels about our brand. And this has had far-reaching impact across our community, in our employees’ personal lives, and with all our partners and suppliers.


Since all of our brand language stems from the Nunnelee family’s core values, branding Coastal Beverage has added function to the disfunction, and brought cohesiveness to the disjointedness. And honestly, it just makes everything so much more fun! Everyone is so much more engaged now with our brand and this resonates in ROI. We always say, ‘Fierce puts the sparkle in corporate America.’”

—Audrey Robbins-Bledsoe, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, VP, Human Resources, CBC