Fierce social media tips for start-up brands

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Advertising, Communication, Fierce Excerpts, Fierce Strategy + Creative

An excerpt from a recent interview with Fierce on how we advise our start-up clients when launching their social media.

So tell us about Fierce:

Fierce Strategy + Creative is a full service national ad firm. We handle many aspects of our clients brands from brand strategy to social media to national print and TV campaigns. We work with large established multi-million dollar brands as well as with many start-ups and entrepreneurial efforts. 

What do you recommend for a start-up when they are launching their social media for the first time?

When a start up launches, social media is often the first public debut of their new brand. Because of this, we stress the importance of making the best possible first brand impression. Once all the key social media channels are set up that are right for their target, we provide the proper brand positioning and graphics for their profile images and landing pages and some strong initial content to lead with. We want each brand we help debut to be strategic, professional, and well designed.

Do you recommend a social media strategy?

We encourage our clients to have a robust social media strategy in place before launch. We help our clients understand that social media is not just about posting content, but about posting the right, highly targeted, strategic content that is appropriate for their target market. We share with them all the tools that will help them be successful on each platform. For example, as part of a social strategy we provide, we recommend what time of day is best to post, how often they should post, hashtags and topics to cover, how to manage negative feedback, calendars to follow for important key events, brand standards to uphold, how to build engagement, how and when to boost a post, etc.

Do you help your clients build their social media strategy after the initial launch? 

As our clients begin their social media journey, we follow each account and track with them so we can advise on when content is not right for their target audience, inappropriate, or not in line with the brand strategy we have built together as a client/agency team. Social media is a daily effort that takes time, strategy, creativity, research and commitment in order to fully benefit and build the brand. 

What are some of  your best tips for start-ups launching their social media for the first time?

Invest in your brand and position it with excellence on each channel and with each post. 

Have a strong social media strategy in place before you launch.  

Train whoever will be posting on the value of the social media strategy and how to follow it and the brand expectations. 

Share your expectations with your team for what is and isn’t allowed for content. 

Invest in good content whether it’s imagery or graphics or copy.

Keep each channel you commit to current and active.

Respond kindly to any negative feedback. 

Have a plan in place in case a negative issue arises prior to a bad situation. 

Do you need help with your social media strategy?

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