Strategic Communications

Tame communication complexity

In an era of information overload, digital media chaos, and increased communication demands, we show leaders how to simplify, clarify, strengthen, and align their business and communication strategies. We help retain current teams and customers—and help attract new ones.

Science + creativity

As your strategic communication partner, we bring a fierce combination of research, science, heart, and creativity to the process—and we help you put it into action, execute against it with beautiful and powerful strategy and creative, and leverage and maintain its daily success. We maximize the impact of your branding and communications initiatives across both internal and external channels.

Drive ROI

We help welcome people to your brand—to your brick-and-mortar spaces, through the digital doorway of your website, and throughout your entire online footprint—sharing authentic content aligned with your brand and your corporate strategy. We start important conversations—the kind where people stop, listen, and, most importantly, respond. Fierce turns your vision into a message, your message into action, and action into ROI.

Discover what’s possible as we collaborate to align your communication strategy with your corporate strategy.


Paul Rude

Paul is a former healthcare CEO who led innovative developments in rural comprehensive healthcare delivery, virtually-assisted trauma stabilization, and behavioral health integration throughout a broad spectrum of medical and social services.

He is also a corporate strategy consultant and a guest speaker who inspires organizations throughout the world. Paul brings unique insight, with more than 25 years of executive leadership experience ranging from Fortune 500 finance to healthcare delivery strategy.

Paul and his family live in rural Alaska where they embrace the bounty and adventure of life in the outdoors.

Beckie Manley

Beckie Manley is the Founder and CEO of Fierce Strategy + Creative. With over 20 years of industry experience, Beckie’s agencies have served as a strategic brand partner to companies such as Hitachi, the NFL, Kimberly-Clark, Coastal Beverage Company, Hillpointe, PaceMate™, and Bleacher Report. Beckie shapes startups, non-profits, and multibillion dollar brands into the industry leaders they desire to become with brand strategy at the heart of everything she does.

Beckie is a national and international guest lecturer on branding, a branding and marketing consultant to non-profits, start-ups, and multimillion dollar brands, and has won over 150 national, regional, and international awards in her field. She is fiercely committed to advocacy causes and her agencies have provided pro-bono services to numerous non-profit organizations and passion projects around the world.

We invite you to brand Fiercely with us.