Fierce Excerpts: Leading with compassion

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“Create the right culture, and you create a competitive advantage.” We love this little excerpt from Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, from his commencement address to Wharton this May. He talked about being a compassionate leader, something that resonates deeply with us at Fierce as our entire corporate culture revolves around kindness. We believe kindness is a corporate difference maker. At Fierce, we believe that kindness is a corporate difference maker. And we understand that leading with compassion is the only way we can change the world together with the brands we serve and the people we work with. Here is an excerpt from Weiner’s speech:  The … Read More

Fierce in the Press: Business News Daily

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Fierce in the press We were thrilled to see Fierce quoted in a recent article in Business News Daily, “Business Owners Pick top Collaboration Tools,” by Mona Bushnell. Here’s an excerpt:  Beckie Manley, the founder of branding firm Fierce Strategy + Creative, said, “Just today we chatted with vendors and clients from Nigeria to North Carolina. Our collective model has been made effective by two tools that we use every day: Slack and Zoom […] Zoom has been an incredible resource that we use daily, sometimes hourly, to communicate with our staff, clients and vendors.” Read the rest of the article here: Brand fiercely with us. Reach out today to … Read More

Fierce social media tips for start-up brands

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An excerpt from a recent interview with Fierce on how we advise our start-up clients when launching their social media. So tell us about Fierce: Fierce Strategy + Creative is a full service national ad firm. We handle many aspects of our clients brands from brand strategy to social media to national print and TV campaigns. We work with large established multi-million dollar brands as well as with many start-ups and entrepreneurial efforts.  What do you recommend for a start-up when they are launching their social media for the first time? When a start up launches, social media is often the first public debut of their new … Read More

Dealing with the unexpected highs and lows of entrepreneurship—and caring for people.

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*Image provided by Jago Illustrations. Check out his amazing work here:  When the going gets rough. There have been times in my three entrepreneurial adventures over the past 15 years where things have not gone as planned. When you are a business owner, an employer, and a business partner, people will disappoint you, people’s actions will shock you and break your heart, and sometimes—things just don’t go the way you thought they would. How you react in these moments is what matters above everything else. It defines and shapes the future of your brand—and it defines and shapes you as a person. Five strategies to help you … Read More

The fascinating stories of how entrepreneurs get started.

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*Image from charity:  water of Scott Harrison holding his signature yellow jug. NPR’s “From Scratch”, the show about the entrepreneurial life. I love listening to educational radio programs and as an entrepreneur and brand strategist for entrepreneurial brands, I’m a big fan of NPR’s “From Scratch”, the show about the entrepreneurial life. As I was driving back from a Fierce meeting up in SC this weekend, I heard the episode that featured Scott Harrison, founder of charity:  water and Dan Yates, Co-Founder of Opower. Both of their stories got me excited. Here are a few excerpts of things I learned as I listened. What I loved about … Read More

The Bear + The Bolt.

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Reading up on our industry and on all the fun and fascinating stories we come across every day is one of our favorite things to do at Fierce. We learn so many new and interesting things and this blog is the place where we like to share them with you. We have put together “Fierce Excerpts” which are short parts and pieces of longer articles that allow you to skim the highlights quickly with the option to read the entire article at another time. Some of our favorite places to find inspiration are Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Adweek, Brain Pickings, NPR, TED Radio Hour, Fast Company and many more. We are … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Closing the strategy-to-execution gap. (HBR)

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*Image and graph below from HBR. Now Reading | Only 8% of Leaders are Good at Both Strategy and Execution. (HBR) According to HBR, a 2013 survey of nearly 700 executives across a variety of industries asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of the top leaders of their companies. Only 16% of top leaders were rated very effective at either strategy or execution. Only 8% were very effective at both, while 63% were rated neutral or worse on at least one dimension. We believe so strongly in strategy, both business strategy and even more specifically, brand strategy, that we put the word in the name of our company—and led with it over … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Lusting while loathing

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*Image from Kraft. Now Reading | The Science of Craving by Amy Fleming Amy Fleming attended the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting where Dr. Kent Berridge, of the University of Michigan, presented his pioneering research into pleasure and desire. Her article is very long and detailed but I found the topic incredibly interesting. I have pulled out 6 main excerpts below: She writes:  For almost three decades, Dr. Berridge has swum against the tide of established thinking, to map the brain mechanics of the reward system – the part of the brain that lights up on scans when people enjoy something, whether it’s cake, snogging, heroin or Facebook. It has been a … Read More

Lydia Dishman introduces us to “Just Not Sorry”, a Chrome extension that warns you when your emails contain wish-washy language.

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*Image from Huffington Post. Now Reading | New Gmail Plug-in Highlights Words and Phrases that Undermine Your Message by Lydia Dishman. If you have ever visited our Fierce blog before, you know how passionate we are about women in particular using language that undermines their industry expertise. Expressions like “I’m sorry” and “does that make sense?” etc. are prevalent. Even the most extraordinary women are victims and perpetrators of it in spite of our collective best intentions to communicate clearly, confidently, and assertively. When I came across this article today I was delighted to learn that it was written by a writer I had worked with 15 years ago to write for my clients at … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: On why compassion is necessary for the survival of the human race.

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Now Listening | Just a Little Nicer, the TED Radio Hour. Whenever I travel, I try to catch up on podcasts from NPR’s This American Life or Planet Money or from my new favorite series, the TED Radio Hour. The latest episode I listened to was all about compassion titled, “Just a Little Nicer.” The title drew my attention because kindness is a core value at Fierce—we strive to keep it at the center of everything we do because we believe it’s a corporate difference maker. We’re always in search of new insights and understanding on how kindness can make a difference both in our personal lives and in business. Each … Read More