Harnessing the creative firepower of the agency collective model

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Company Culture, Creative Process, Fierce Strategy + Creative, From the CEO

Harnessing the creative firepower of the agency collective model
‘One of the real advantages I see with the Fierce collective model is that your team is always out in front on the cutting edge. Nothing with our brand ever gets stale.’ —Fierce client comment after our annual Year in Review.

More than ever, brands need their agencies to be experts at creating trusted brand and digital experiences while remaining operational and financially transparent. This complex dance of positioning, creative, data and technology is new terrain agencies must be willing to conquer. —AdAge Magazine

The Fierce collective
Fierce Strategy + Creative is a North American agency based in Georgia and comprised of a global collective of experts focused on a highly strategic customized approach for your brand. We are a research-driven creative hybrid, bringing over 25 years of strategy, branding, marketing, advertising, digital, and media expertise to both start-ups and multibillion-dollar brands.

By taking the side of transparency, agencies have an opening to reclaim their role as trusted advisors. They must re-invent agency structure to excel at the art and science of modern marketing. —Shapiro

Agile strategic partners 
The Fierce collective model allows us to be as small or as big as our clients need us to be. It affords us the ability to work profitably with non-profits, start-ups, and multimillion-dollar brands by building custom teams, custom workflows, and custom billing. It keeps us agile and affordable for each of the brands that we serve. As strategic partners, we remain focused on ideas and strategy, allowing us to radically move brands forward and help them thrive.

In the energy industry, our strategic approach helped advance a multibillion-dollar brand from #4 to #1 in brand recognition in less than 12 months. “In my 35 years of doing consumer research, I have never seen a company make that kind of bold move, that quickly.” —Britt Beemer, America’s Research Group

Our core services
We offer the following core services that reflect our expertise: Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Project Management, Customer Service, Design, Messaging, Copywriting, Marketing, Advertising, and Web Design. From inception to launch to day-to-day management of your brand’s success.

We bring long-term trusted relationships to the table 
Fierce has built a trusted relationship with each of our collective partners over two decades. As a result, the services we outsource through these partners reflect only the needs of the brands we serve at the exact time they need them: TV + Video Production, Custom Photography, Digital Ad Campaign Strategy + Management, Custom Illustration, Custom Research Initiatives, Web Programming, Custom Swag Resources, Media Placement, PR, and Printers.

Vendor vs. strategic brand partner | Why Fierce operates as your strategic brand partner
Our success on behalf of your brand will be defined by the actionable insights we discover together through research, strategy, collaboration, and creative problem-solving. We’ll build a custom plan, offering clarity for what’s now and what’s next. And as your strategic brand partner, we’ll help you put it into action, execute against it with beautiful and powerful creative, and maintain its daily success.

Project work vs. retainers | Short-term vs. long-term strategy
Transforming a brand’s position, defining its consumer-engagement model, or pushing the threshold for innovation cannot be completed in project-by-project increments. A retainer that is correctly staffed can enable agencies to dedicate the appropriate assets to any given project well ahead of the deadline. Project-based work forces agencies to redistribute members of their team among projects they are not all familiar with. In other words, it slows them down. With a good retainer, they can put the right people in the right place at the right time, so when the client asks for something on short notice, they’ll have the pieces in place to deliver excellence under pressure. After spending a decade in project management and operations, an appropriately staffed retainer has two critical benefits: higher quality work and a faster turnaround. —AdAge

We invite you to brand fiercely with us.
Work with the Fierce people on digital and web and get to know our incredible creative partners. Reach out to Beckie Manley today at beckie.manley@hellofierce.com.