Fierce interns wanted

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Company Culture, Entrepreneurship

Image of St. Simons Island beach shot by one of the Fierce people, Tim Rude

Fierce is looking for two summer interns
Fierce Strategy + Creative is a strong advocate for mentoring and training students and graduates as they prepare to begin a career in the advertising industry. Fierce works with both multimillion dollar brands and start-ups, and we provide pro-bono and reduced-rate services for non-profits and cause-driven entrepreneurs who need a hand getting started.

Fierce on the road 
We recently flew to Sweden in May to speak to 14 students who are all involved in non-profits in many different countries ranging from fighting sex trafficking to special services for the handicapped. We offered a week-long branding seminar free of charge because we believe in what they are doing and believe in assisting these global efforts through sharing our expertise and support. We have also demonstrated our commitment to teaching young people about branding and marketing by always inviting young interns to work at our agency over the years, taking the time to help guide and shape their careers with real-world experience.

Find out what it means to be Fierce
Please feel free to check out our brand, our work, and our philosophy and reach out if you would like to be a part of our summer intern program at Fierce. Get to know us through our social channels:

Twitter: @BeckieManley
Instagram: @BrandFiercely @VelvetIsFierce @BeckieManley @Fiercebearsightings