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Fierce in the press

We were excited to see our Founder + CEO quoted in the recent post on CEO Blog Nation, “21 Entrepreneurs Debate If You Can Learn to be an Entrepreneur.”

Here is an excerpt:

“I have wanted to be an entrepreneur every since I was a little girl. I planned my college degree, the first ten years of my career, and every choice I made during that time with the goal of owning my own company when I felt I was ready and when the time was right. I purposely put myself under really smart people and teams so I could learn and I paid attention to every detail of every business I worked with, from sales to HR to invoicing to client relationships. I got involved in everything I could be a part of with each company so I could learn—networking groups that met at 6 am, marketing events, speaking gigs, and serving on boards. The desire to be an entrepreneur was always present in my heart, driving me every day to become what I am today—the owner of an ad agency. I am not sure if you can teach that inherent yearning to be an entrepreneur, the insatiable work ethic required, and the people skills and confidence needed to never take no for an answer that personally drove me—but I do believe you can train for the skills required to succeed. I think you have to have something in you that is made for it that anchors you through the really difficult situations you face on the entrepreneurial journey. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Beckie Manley, Founder + CEO, Fierce Strategy + Creative”

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