Fierce Excerpts: The Changing Landscape of Media Post-Pandemic.

by | May 26, 2020 | Advertising, Digital, Fierce Excerpts, Fierce Strategy + Creative

A new era of media. 
As we navigate our way through this unprecidented time with our Fierce clients and observe the world of media as a whole, there are many positive and much needed changes happening in real time—and many more on the horizon. Forbes published a great article with quotes from thought leaders on the topic of changes in media during this pandemic and we have called out highlights of the article below.

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Contactless experiences 
“We will see a long-lasting shift in the way people shop and engage with brands post-pandemic as a result. Driven by shelter-in-place mandates, consumers are relying on online and contactless experiences more than ever, which is creating a surge in digital signals.”

Quick pace
“Customers have gotten used to quick pace of communication and will demand that brands evolve at the same speed.”

What brands matter
“In the post-pandemic world, consumers will be asking searching questions about what part brands play in their lives. Those brands that play a meaningful role in consumers’ lives during the current crisis and lockdown – showing up when needed most – will generate strong, long-lasting brand/consumer relationships.”

“We’re already seeing some shifts from national to regional or local budgets, and a higher interest in custom geo-local targeting.”

TV is now a digital, accountable channel 
“One that is aligned around performance, transparency and always-on, audience-powered attribution, no matter what type of advertiser you are or where you are in the world. TV is now a digital, accountable channel. Players, across the ecosystem, that don’t recognize that will soon find themselves irrelevant.”

A wake-up call on production costs
“TV commercials just got a wake-up call. Navigating how to produce content has proven that old ways of producing and running TV may not be the way of the future. Instead of spending millions of dollars on a TV spot that runs for years, brands have seen the impact and the efficiency of producing TV via agile content creation methods because traditional shoots are closed currently.”

New connections
“Consumers have been scheduling time with family now, talking more often and playing games – all in an effort to connect in new ways. Professional use of video conference calls went from nice and occasional to necessary and constant. While many business people were resistant to change, the circumstances have forced it and many are finding the new way more efficient.”

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