Fierce’s CEO shares what it means to have a strategic brand partner.

brandfiercely1Fierce Strategy + Creative, From the CEO

Fierce Strategy + Creative

*Image used with permission from Ellen Silverman.  We love to see the brands we serve grow. One of the biggest things that gets us excited at Fierce is when clients tell us that their numbers are up, their employees are sharing that they feel reinspired by their newly crafted core values, their company is experiencing a level of growth they didn’t know was possible, a board of directors meeting was shorter than expected because performance continues to be so strong—or that they were simply able to make a tough call with confidence because they used their brand as their compass and trusted their strategy. All of this comes … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Closing the strategy-to-execution gap. (HBR)

brandfiercely1Fierce Excerpts, Fierce Strategy + Creative, From the CEO

*Image and graph below from HBR. Now Reading | Only 8% of Leaders are Good at Both Strategy and Execution. (HBR) According to HBR, a 2013 survey of nearly 700 executives across a variety of industries asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of the top leaders of their companies. Only 16% of top leaders were rated very effective at either strategy or execution. Only 8% were very effective at both, while 63% were rated neutral or worse on at least one dimension. We believe so strongly in strategy, both business strategy and even more specifically, brand strategy, that we put the word in the name of our company—and led with it over … Read More

What’s in a name? Everything.

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I was first introduced to the word fierce from a line in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” As a lover of the play itself and of Shakespeare, it resonated with me right away and I claimed it as my own. Over the years, it has become a part of my everyday language and as such, a part of our client’s language and expectations. Just recently I received a wonderful note from a creative partner that said “I hope this week is starting off fast, fierce and furious for you.” I have studied its origins and meanings and usage in … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: The importance of strategy plus creative.

brandfiercely1Fierce Excerpts

Agency of the Year: BBDO’s Tenacity Turned a Major Client Loss into a Minor Setback | Adweek “With BBDO, yes, you can expect great creative, but we were also really impressed by the depth of understanding of their clients’ business,” explains Wells Fargo CMO Jamie Moldafsky. “In selecting them, we were looking for a thought partner. And we want to be challenged strategically.” That ability to combine attention-grabbing creative with solid business strategy reflects BBDO’s determination to straddle its network strengths while respecting its entrepreneurial roots around the world. “We’ve wanted to become a sort of global boutique where you’re nimble and fast, trying things and doing … Read More

But though she be but little, she is fierce. —W. Shakespeare.

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Today I am excited to announce my next adventure. The last decade of my life has been a wild ride full of magical, intensely challenging, and amazing moments, but I find myself ready and eager for what’s next. During my career, I have been privileged and blessed to work with incredible people. Together we have shaped billion dollar brands, influenced multi-million dollar projects, and touched faith-based and local advocacy clients—all equally significant and meaningful to my heart. As of November 1st, 2014, Fierce Strategy + Creative will be the next chapter. Stay tuned for the exciting debut of the newly minted brand. Please delete my JDA email … Read More