Fierce’s CEO shares what it means to have a strategic brand partner.

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Fierce Strategy + Creative

*Image used with permission from Ellen Silverman. 

We love to see the brands we serve grow.

One of the biggest things that gets us excited at Fierce is when clients tell us that their numbers are up, their employees are sharing that they feel reinspired by their newly crafted core values, their company is experiencing a level of growth they didn’t know was possible, a board of directors meeting was shorter than expected because performance continues to be so strong—or that they were simply able to make a tough call with confidence because they used their brand as their compass and trusted their strategy. All of this comes from having a strategic brand partner who is paying attention to your company, your people, your customers—and your competition.

One of our clients said this recently after leading his executive team through an intense few months of strategy and branding sessions with Fierce: Our company executed an aggressive succession plan in a short period of time and, as result, needed a new brand, vision, and mission to better meet the needs of our organization. Fierce helped our company realize who we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there. The entire team at Fierce out-performed and over-delivered all expectations my team had for them. Based on our experience, Fierce will be an integral part of our strategic vision and planning as an organization moving forward. I look forward to a great partnership.  —Tee Nunnelee, President, Coastal Beverage Company, Inc. 

It is our great privilege to come alongside our clients as a strategic brand partner and help them understand what’s now and what’s next for their brand—and then execute against it with excellence through the daily maintenance of their brand. We influence brands, as well as the companies and the people they represent every day, and we radically move them forward in the marketplace. Watching them thrive and hearing stories about how their companies are flourishing fuels us more than any of the dark chocolate or espresso in our office.

Our clients tell us we make brands more significant.

Our clients invite us to come alongside and partner with them to strategically and creatively define the soul of their brands. When we craft brand positioning like “I belong here” and “Prepare to Believe” and “The Power of Us,” we’re helping clients articulate a culture and a belief system they can build on for years, both internally and externally. This is your true magic, a client told us at dinner one night. And this is our heart.

We invite you to brand fiercely with us.

If you’re ready for a truly transformational strategic encounter with people who care deeply about you, your brand, and helping your company grow, talk to the Fierce people today.