Fierce logo variations appearing on a t-shirt soon.


Love sharing the variations we explored before landing on our final brand. The branding process is so much fun when you are working with talented designers. These will still be a part of the brand. Look for them incorporated on a t-shirt soon. Rock on.

Why Fierce Strategy + Creative has pet friendly offices.


Meet Chance. This photo was taken of him lounging at my office in my 16 Boardwalk Plaza building by Libby Williams. I love this photo. It just captures his sweet spirit perfectly. Chance is a rescue dog that our family adopted over 5 years ago. My son went to a sleep-over at his best friends house and we came home with a puppy. And that puppy (Second Chance was his name when we adopted him and we shortened it to Chance) has made our family better. Before Chance, if you had even hinted at our offices being pet friendly, I would have laughed and said “No way!” … Read More

Remember Flickr…?


I know Flickr is a bit old fashioned now that we have Instagram but I had so much fun updating my page today! I have been so blessed with TPA, JDA and now with Fierce to meet extraordinary people and do extraordinary things during my career. So blessed. The best is yet to come.

Fierce Strategy + Creative. Proven problem solvers for your brand.


“always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.” – e. e. cummings Fierce Strategy + Creative | Inspiring curious behavior since inception Work with the Fierce People At Fierce Strategy + Creative, we align strategy with marketplace reality and execute it beautifully. We’re fiercely committed to research and strategy driving our process and ultimately, our creative product. We’re here to help identify together what’s now and what’s next for your brand. What we do Research. Strategy. Creative. Branding. National and International TV, Video Production and Launch. Digital and Web. Media Suite. Special Projects. Get to know our CEO, check out the list of national and … Read More

How to hire an advertising agency.

brandfiercely1Advertising, FS+C

Hiring an ad agency is a big deal, especially if it’s the first time. You are investing hard-earned dollars into something that might seem mysterious and intangible at first. On the agency side of the table, we are confident in our ability to demonstrate how branding and advertising work because we see it work for our clients every single day. We know the wealth of data that is available to make what feels mysterious suddenly become pure, hard-core power. We know that as clients see their investment in branding and advertising working hard and see it making a difference, it’s intoxicating. We live for these moments of … Read More

The STAR Foundation.

brandfiercely1FS+C, People + things that inspire us

This past week I had the privilege of attending the STAR Foundation’s board retreat on Little Saint Simons Island. If you are not familiar with the STAR Foundation, check them out here: STAR’s mission is to teach people how to become financially self-sufficient through an empowering, holistic program of computer, financial and job readiness education. We start with the basic computer skills needed for success in most work environments. From there, the students learn communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and customer service skills to equip them to remain at a job as a valued employee. Finally, we teach students how to manage their money from creating … Read More

Yes is a world.

brandfiercely1Branding, From the CEO, FS+C

One of the things that excites me the most every single day is working with creative people. I love how connected our world has become and how utterly possible this is. In trying to set up a Skype video session this week with a client and a designer in Canada and a designer in Japan, I realized how awesome that is. Each creative person brings something new and fresh from their perch in the world–and it makes all of us collectively better. I feel that same connection when I am teaching abroad. I love having a classroom full of students from ten different countries who all see … Read More

Fierceness takes honesty and commitment. A little wisdom from Seth Godin.

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Now Reading | What to Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn). I received a text from a dear friend tonight with a page from Seth Godin’s new book attached. On page 78, Seth explains how furious is not the same thing as fierce. He explains that being furious is leading with your ego–not your heart. He goes on to say that someone who is furious is unable to create art, to be generous or to see what is actually happening. He is too intent on just defeating his enemy. Here are his thoughts about the leader who displays fierceness: He cares so much … Read More