Fierce Excerpts: Lusting while loathing

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*Image from Kraft. Now Reading | The Science of Craving by Amy Fleming Amy Fleming attended the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting where Dr. Kent Berridge, of the University of Michigan, presented his pioneering research into pleasure and desire. Her article is very long and detailed but I found the topic incredibly interesting. I have pulled out 6 main excerpts below: She writes:  For almost three decades, Dr. Berridge has swum against the tide of established thinking, to map the brain mechanics of the reward system – the part of the brain that lights up on scans when people enjoy something, whether it’s cake, snogging, heroin or Facebook. It has been a … Read More

St. Simons Island

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We are so blessed to office out of St. Simons Island. When clients and staff come to town to visit, they never want to go home. We had a strategy day this week for a new client with some of our out of state collective team and we decided to start the day off with a 17 mile scenic bike ride around the island. Here are some of the photos from the trip.  

Fierce Excerpts: Great leaders don’t worry about external validation.

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Now Reading | 7 Things Confident Entrepreneurs NEVER Do I have so enjoyed my recent study on leading with confidence and humility and the balance required to be great. I loved this little article from Entrepreneur Magazine highlighting traits of the positively confident leader. Confidence is so important when leading from a place of authority.

How choosing to be thankful makes you happier.

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I find myself feeling overwhelmingly grateful often these days. I lose count how many times a day I say a little prayer of thanks for the bounty I am surrounded with and for the ability to be running Fierce. As I have studied gratefulness, I have learned that evidence suggests that we can actively choose to practice gratitude—and that doing so raises our happiness. According to the NYT article, “Choose To Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier,”  this is what they found:  Researchers in one 2003 study randomly assigned one group of study participants to keep a short weekly list of the things they were grateful for, while other … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Reframing stress as a challenge.

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Now Reading | Minimize Stress with these 4 Mental Techniques  Managing stress is key to having a healthy, productive work environment. Knowing how to identify stress, being aware of its effects on your mind and your body, and knowing what to do with it are critical to success—and to your sanity. Around here at the Fierce offices, we like to look at stress as a challenge and as an opportunity to learn something new. This little article had four great tips that we pulled out below in this little excerpt: 1. Reframe the stressor as a challenge. Often, how we see the problem is the problem. Ask yourself: “How … Read More

Celebrating one hec of a Fierce year.

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October 28th, 2014-2015 I read a powerful quote the other day that my heart instantly and intimately understood. “She had not known the weight of it until she felt the freedom.” I have felt the deep and personal truth of this statement every single day since October 28, 2014, a day that chartered an entirely new course for my life and changed me forever. This year has been an amazing adventure. On the first of November we started Fierce Strategy + Creative, a national ad agency based in Georgia, and we began the process of building a firm with integrity, kindness, and truth—and a fierce commitment to excellence … Read More

Hello, Fierce.

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*Photo of Fierce founder Beckie Manley with Fierce creative Clay Caldwell in our GA office. We are so excited to have Clay Caldwell working with the Fierce people. He joins us from our Georgia based office where he lives with his wife and son. Look for a blog post soon introducing his work, his experience, and how his exceptional design skills are helping to lead Fierce to do great and mighty things for our clients. Rock on.      

Fierce Excerpts: 13 quotes to inspire your storytelling prowess

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Now Reading | 13 Quotes to Inspire your Inner Storyteller, Inc. Magazine It has been true since the beginning of time that storytelling is the very best way to share ideas. Every photo and every person and every brand has a story and at Fierce, we love to discover and share all of these beautiful and magical tales. The photo above might just look like a silly snapshot of a pair of shoes. But there is such a huge story behind that simple photo and those little Donald Pliner heels. They are nicknamed the “holy cow” shoes because they were purchased on October 16th, a momentous life-changing day when I discovered a terrible truth that … Read More

“You push me to be the best I can be.”

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The STAR Foundation has had a piece of my heart ever since I was first introduced to Katie Orrel and Ellen Murphy close to 5 years ago. I knew I had to help support the magic they were creating for the young women and young men in Brunswick, Georgia. STAR’s vision is educating brighter futures and their mission is to help end generational poverty in our community by teaching skills needed to enter the workforce and succeed. Katie and Ellen surround their students with love and support and teach them how to get a job, balance a checkbook, use a computer, and ultimately change the direction of … Read More

The way ideas emerge is beautiful.

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I love the creative process and watching it happen. It’s different with every single project and every single designer. The way ideas emerge is beautiful to watch. I adore this little snapshot from Ed Emberley that vividly illustrates this. His little roaring lion is fierce. And I love this excerpt from Neelon who speaks to Ed Emberley’s 100+ book career in his introductory essay: “Ed’s Drawing Books in many ways are about knocking the title of “art” off its big and scary perch. The books show you ways to draw, not ways to be an artist. In his Drawing Books, he wasn’t out to spawn legions of … Read More