A sunshiny brand immersion story with Pictsweet Vegetables.

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*Image generously shared with us from the awesome Libby Williams. See her work here: libbywilliamsphotographs.com At Fierce, we work hard to elevate brands. And elevating brands demands the very best from our highly strategic creative process. It requires both personal brand immersion time and intense and intimate strategy sessions with the executive teams of each brand we touch—and it always means a visit to our client’s headquarters. All of our brand immersion stories are my favorite. But today I want to share a story about my time with Pictsweet Vegetables. As we began to do our due diligence with Pictsweet, they told us that their products were … Read More

Fierce is running on West-Coast time. Check out our latest TV campaign.

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I love our Fierce clients. They are easy to love and make working hard a pleasure. Check out the three new TV spots we recently produced for a large private school out in Vacaville, California. These spots are running on cable channels in the Vacaville and surrounding area during mom-friendly hours on mom-friendly shows such as Nickelodeon, HGTV and Lifetime to name just a few. Lots of excitement is brewing on campus and the phone is ringing! Branding and advertising works. Combine great creative with a great media plan and your brand is destined to succeed.

Some clients are just a privilege to work with.

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https://answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2015/04/11/another-award-for-aig/ I loved reading Ken’s blog post this morning (see link above). I love to see past clients doing awesome! It makes me so happy. As owner and President and Creative Director of my previous agency, JDA, our team was honored to contribute the many regional, national, and internationally acclaimed awards that currently fill those beautiful glass shelves. I remember when we first started working with Ken Ham, the courageous, funny, and witty CEO of AiG. He had a small shelf behind his desk where we first started to collect his awards but it filled up quickly and started to overflow. One day, when we had won … Read More

On Tom Ward, the Power of Us, and how some clients make you a better person.

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Now Reading | Unwanted Volunteers http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2015/03/24/unwanted-volunteers/SNJQGGMQUUcIhYFh6M6k4M/story.html?utm_campaign=Socialflow&utm_source=Socialflow&utm_medium=Tweet I so loved reading this article this weekend. Here is just a small excerpt: The next time you’re inclined to pat yourself on the back for your company’s volunteer work — the murals painted, the community gardens planted, the vacant lots cleaned — think of Kathleen Walsh. She’s the chief operating officer at the YMCA of Metro North, which manages more than 1,000 volunteers a year at its seven facilities, and she sometimes breathes a huge sigh of relief when those do-gooders go home. “Oftentimes a van shows up, a bunch of people get out with no real understanding of our … Read More

Chapsmackers, now available at Whole Foods.

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Just learned today that Chapsmackers can now be found at Whole Foods. Rock on and congrats to our client! Check out this fun blog feature by my friend from the 2014 Southern C Summit: “Chapsmackers, till death do us part.” We totally understand, Sweet Peach. We’re in love with Chapsmackers too. Thanks for the post—we are so happy to know you too! Thanks for sharing the work. xo http://www.sweetpeachblog.com/journal/2014/5/16/chapsmackers.html