We are fiercely grateful

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Client Highlights, Company Culture

Fiercely grateful 
This Thanksgiving and holiday season, the Fierce people are grateful for the kind words from clients and friends as we work together to build and grow brands. We invite you to brand fiercely with us and start something Fierce in 2020. 

Kind words from clients 
“In just one strategy session, Fierce was able to wrap their heads around the complexity of the problems we were trying to solve. We could not be happier with the process or the outcome.” —Thea Ramirez, World-Changer, Founder, Adoption-Share

“Investors view our presentation decks and fully understand the opportunity we are presenting. They are beautifully branded with complex data presented simply with custom infographics and illustrations. Clients always react positively to the branded materials Fierce has created for the PaceMate™ and biocynetic™ brands. Fierce’s unique depth of understanding of our brand from day one has proven to be a competitive edge.” —Tripp Higgins, CEO + Co-Founder of biocynetic™, PaceMate™ Board of Directors

“Our university began working with Beckie and her team on our rebranding campaign in November of 2013. As we set out to create a new design language to communicate the quality of our institution, it was essential that our new look capture and communicate our core values. Beckie and her team took the time up front to get to know us at a very fundamental level, and since that time we have never felt like we were working with “outsiders.” Their enthusiasm is infectious. Through their skill in design they have helped us visualize the essence of MBU and unified all our varied operational units into a cohesive theme. As a leader, Beckie is a dynamic force supported by outstanding professionals. The process was well organized from start to finish. Every deadline was met without fail. Every question was answered quickly. Every piece of executive input was respectfully given due consideration, and our stakeholders truly spoke into the final designs.” —Matt Davis, President, MBU

“Our company executed an aggressive succession plan in a short period of time and, as a result, needed a new brand, vision, and mission to better meet the needs of our organization. Fierce helped our company realize who we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there. The entire team at Fierce out-performed and over-delivered all expectations my team had for them. Based on our experience, Fierce will be an integral part of our strategic vision and planning as an organization moving forward.” —Tee Nunnelee, President, Coastal Beverage Company, Inc.

“What I appreciate about Fierce is that you wanted to get to know both who we were in the moment we met and who we aspired to be. You didn’t make assumptions, and you listened. That’s a precious commodity in the business, and a key selling point for working with Fierce. We needed your kind of #soulsearching, the fierce kind, and you found us. For that, I’m tremendously grateful.” —Shari Erwin, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, OSUIT

Make 2020 Fierce
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