How Fierce helps brands (radically) grow.

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PaceMate™ | We never miss a beat.™
When the founders of PaceMate™ made the very first call to Fierce, they knew they were on to a big idea in healthcare. They needed a full strategy, naming, branding, marketing, digital, web, and advertising team to come alongside their idea and their big dreams and create a brand that would be powerful enough to accomplish their mission—advance compassionate patient-centered care through big data. The Fierce people were up for the challenge.

How Fierce helped brand the next big digital healthcare brand
The Fierce people started at the beginning with strategy and direction. PaceMate™ offers cardiac remote monitoring, 24/7/365, so we named the company PaceMate™ and wrote and trademarked their tagline: We never miss a beat™. When PaceMate™ partnered with biocynetic™, we were given the opportunity to brand and position that company as well.

Fierce assists with the day-to-day projects that every brand needs to grow and succeed. 
The Fierce team creates tools for our clients like strategic copy, infographics, brand architecture, secondary logo marks, abstracts, business cards, slide decks, investor decks, swag, press releases, and pocket folders. We also help with the intangible things every team needs—strategic direction, brand strategy, encouragement, a phone call to help vet a new idea or initiative, last-minute edits, flexibility with processes—and a belief in their brand that never wavers.

Fierce also custom designs larger projects when its time for a brand to make a debut on a national or international stage. 
Fierce helped concept, design, produce, and ship PaceMate™’s backlit interactive trade show booth and created both the animations for their website and the video presentation that ran from the booth.

Fierce helps clients with social media strategy, content, and graphics. 

Fierce designs, writes, builds, hosts, and maintains our clients’ websites.
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Fierce took a brand from a big idea to a place where it is impacting the world and creating global change.
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