A sunshiny brand immersion story with Pictsweet Vegetables.

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Client Highlights, Creative Process, From the CEO

*Image generously shared with us from the awesome Libby Williams. See her work here: libbywilliamsphotographs.com

At Fierce, we work hard to elevate brands. And elevating brands demands the very best from our highly strategic creative process. It requires both personal brand immersion time and intense and intimate strategy sessions with the executive teams of each brand we touch—and it always means a visit to our client’s headquarters.

All of our brand immersion stories are my favorite. But today I want to share a story about my time with Pictsweet Vegetables. As we began to do our due diligence with Pictsweet, they told us that their products were so fresh that they can go straight from the farm to the grocery store the very same day. So we asked to be a part of watching their process at Ten Pictsweet Drive in Bells, Tennessee. We believe in truth in advertising and if we were going to help them craft their story, we needed to witness it first hand. We needed to experience the magic.

We arrived at their plant early in the morning and sure enough, a turnip truck was parked out front, fresh from the farm and ready to be processed. We put on our steel toe boots and safety glasses and watched as the turnips came across the assembly lines where workers expertly sorted and cleaned them. Then they went through the signature Pictsweet “flash-frozen” process where all their farm goodness and flavor were locked in. And then out the door they went for delivery. It was awesome to see and it made us instant believers and fans of their brand. It helped us know exactly how to share with the consumer what makes Pictsweet Vegetables so very special.

To this day, every time I buy a bag of Pictsweet Vegetable I know with confidence that they will be fresh and sweet and perfectly delicious every time. We were able to watch their process that day but we were also able to meet their executive team, hear stories about how they used to pick the vegetables on the farm when they were children, we got to see the passion and drive of their research team, and we were able to hear victories and challenges from their sales team first hand. We were also able to notice small details like the weathered and worn Bible on the front seat of the pick up truck and the respect and admiration the family had for each other and for their customers. This brand immersion time is critical to the success of our strategic relationship with each of our clients and every detail matters.

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We went on to name Pictsweet Vegetables signature product, “Steam’ables”, and did meaningful work that helped position their brand for ongoing success. When we and our clients are disciplined about our strategic creative process, we set ourselves up for success. Julia Wells, VP or Marketing, said, “Beckie Manley can speak my language. She has such a way with words and has done a lot of creative things for us. I love the way she talks about ‘sunshiny vegetables,’ and she can really capture the essence of what we’re all about.” Kind words like these from clients are hard fought through hard work, being dedicated to a strategic creative process, and from taking the time to have sunshiny brand immersion days like this.

Check out their recipe for crustless spinach quiche today: http://www.pictsweet.com/recipes/crustless-spinach-quiche




*Pictsweet was Beckie Manley’s account while she was Owner, Partner, and Creative Director for JDA.