Simple is always better.

by | May 8, 2015 | Advertising

The best creative executions are always the simplest. As a designer, when you can be disciplined to truly strip away everything that you don’t really need to communicate your idea, what’s left is often enough. I immediately think of the “got milk?” and Nike’s “Just do it” and “Where’s the beef?” campaigns.

This out-of-home campaign from Snickers highlighted by Adweek is a great example of a simple but brilliant (and fun) execution. They found examples of amusing mistakes all over NYC and then planted their sticker that says “You make mistakes when you’re hungry” right beside it. BBDO, the agency that represents Snickers, was quick to let the critics know that they removed their stickers promptly after taking their photo so as not to deface property. I found this part disappointing as I would have loved the personal interaction with the brand in this way while recently visiting the city.

snickers-ooh-hed-2015 snickers-stickers-ooh-4 snickers-stickers-ooh-5

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