Fierce gets a powerful 47.3% open rate for email marketing campaign.

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Advertising, Digital, Fierce Strategy + Creative, From the CEO

*Delightful illustration provided by Dan Stevenson. Check out his work here: Thanks, Dan, for sharing your magic with us. 

Fierce is not your average bear. 

Has your brand ever earned a 47.3% eyes-on-rate for an email marketing campaign? Or a 5.5% active response rate? Our team of brand strategists, writers, designers and digital partners have crafted a formula for success—and our analytics are speaking for themselves. By working with a strategic partner like Fierce, you can see the same rates of success for your company.

An excerpt from our most recent email campaign:

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2

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A Fierce team of people who get what’s at stake for your brand. 

With this highly strategic, highly targeted, visually appealing email campaign, we shared a personal introduction to the Fierce collective from Founder + Idea Chief, Beckie Manley, a sample of our portfolio, links that take you to the website and to a newsletter sign up form, brands we have worked with and kind words from clients and friends. We worked with our digital dream team who made sure our SEO was strong, who carefully crafted landing pages and links—and who made certain that the design was engaging and fun and relevant for the target audience.

We invite you to brand fiercely with us. 

If you would like to work with a team who understands the strategy, design, SEO and marketing expertise required to get results significantly above the industry average, reach out to today.