A Fierce COVID19 Journal

by | May 13, 2020 | Company Culture, Fierce Strategy + Creative

A Fierce COVID19 Journal
It’s been interesting to go back and review the social posts we have shared as an agency since COVID19 started. It’s been quite an adventure for Fierce and our clients.

#FiercelyOptimistic | March 18th
The Fierce people are working hard to pivot as needed for each of the brands we serve as our world changes by the hour. We are offering strategy, creative solutions, encouragement, and whatever it takes to keep the clients we serve and the people we love moving forward. We are resilient as a human race and together, we can do this. 

#FiercelyGrateful | March 27th
It has been a busy week at the Fierce offices. The Fierce people are so grateful for the chance to help all of our clients this week pivot and move forward. Loving all the innovative ideas and ingenuity we are seeing from all our amazing clients. Thankful to our team for their round the clock dedication to the people we serve. Together—we’ve got this.

#FiercelyCommitted | April 3rd
As we finish another week of social distancing and COVID-19, our Fierce word for this week is committed. We have been continually amazed at the level of commitment our clients have brought to their brands and to their employees, families, customers and clients this week. We are continually blown away by the selflessness, kindness, endurance, problem solving and innovation we have been privileged to witness and be a part of—and execute in the marketplace on their behalf. People are showing incredible leadership and making hard decisions. We are so proud of all our clients. Thank you to all our Fierce people and all our vendors and creative partners who are making things happen at record speed. You all rock and we are grateful. 

#AFierceVillage | April 10th
This week has been an interesting one at Fierce. I am on day 10 of COVID-19 and it has been a battle for my life. This virus is intense and without the help and prayers of many people, I would still be a steep downward spiral. I was able to get the medicines needed through a miraculous connection and feel like I might now be on the mend. I could not have done it alone. It took my family, my dear friends and clients and vendors, our entire Fierce team rallying together and an army of people praying that resulted in my ability to get treatment from a Concierge Doctor. Together, this group of people saved my life this week. I am sure of this.

As we look to celebrate the miracle of Easter Sunday this weekend, I consider myself greatly blessed and find myself humbled and appreciative. Looking forward to helping others through this battle once I am back on my feet. Thank you to each one who brought us meals, offered suggestions, passed on connections, prayed, sent fun emails, texted, was patient with me, carried a heavier workload, moved things forward for our clients, and who sent words of encouragement. Every part was healing.

#FiercelyFocused | May 1st
The Fierce people’s hashtag for this week is #FiercelyFocused. It’s an accurate reflection of what’s been happening with the Fierce collective for the last six weeks since we have found ourselves in an alternate reality. As an agency, we have been fiercely focused on solutions for our clients who are both struggling and thriving—each bringing its own unique set of challenges—during this COVID pandemic.

Times like these require a new level of focus and strategic thinking to problem solve and get projects done so our clients can communicate properly to their audiences at a time when communication is so critical. We are grateful for the opportunity to work as strategic partners with our clients and their executive teams. As the world begins to open back up, Fierce and our valued creative partners are focused and ready to help with what comes next.

May 13th
If you are looking for a strategic partner during this time for your brand and a team fully committed to your success, reach out to the Fierce people at beckie.manley@hellofierce.com