Some clients are just a privilege to work with.

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Client Highlights | 0 comments


I loved reading Ken’s blog post this morning (see link above). I love to see past clients doing awesome! It makes me so happy. As owner and President and Creative Director of my previous agency, JDA, our team was honored to contribute the many regional, national, and internationally acclaimed awards that currently fill those beautiful glass shelves. I remember when we first started working with Ken Ham, the courageous, funny, and witty CEO of AiG. He had a small shelf behind his desk where we first started to collect his awards but it filled up quickly and started to overflow. One day, when we had won so many together for the amazing work he allowed us to collaborate on with him, he took me back to his office to show me his brand new award case. I was amazed and humbled to see all the hard work represented there in a way that gave him and his rock start team an incredible sense of pride in their brand.

We don’t do work for the awards. They are extra and sometimes they come and sometimes they don’t. It can be hard to win national and international awards for the faith-based sector when it’s judged by the secular world. But when you do work with excellence, people notice.

Rock on, Ken Ham. You deserve this new award and any others in your future. You are truly a most courageous CEO and you were a privilege to work with.