Bear Sightings + Fierce people

brandfiercely1The Fierce People

Happy Monday!

Today I am excited to share a new illustration that one of my favorite Fierce people, Andy Heckathorne, has done for our company. This illustration will be featured soon throughout the Fierce brand so keep an eye out for its debut both in color and in black and white. I asked Andy to put together a little video of the making of the illustration so we could get a sneak peek at how the magic happens. Our team shared with Andy some of the important elements that are meaningful to the Fierce brand like the city scape, the stars, the horns, the lightening bolt, the bear, the palm fronds, and the lady slipper flowers. Every element in this illustration has a story and Andy incorporated them all beautifully. Each year we will select a new illustrator to capture the Fierce brand in a fresh new way.

Be sure to congratulate Andy on his recent Silver Addy for the Eagle Creek Brewery beer cans he illustrated and worked on with me while I was owner + creative director at my previous agency, JDA.

Nice job, Andy! Rock on.

Fierce Poster 24x36 FINAL_LOW

View all of Andy’s work here: