Fierce Excerpts: Why TV remains the most effective advertising medium.

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Now Reading | Why TV is Still the Most Effective Advertising Medium. (Key findings from MarketShare study, by Jason Lynch) I am a believer in the power of TV. I have been for the past decade and have used it successfully with 100% of our clients. There is always a debate around TV and articles surface often declaring the death of TV and the rise of digital. But TV still remains the most effective advertising medium. That’s not just my belief and my experience, it’s the finding of a new study Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media partnered on with marketing-analytics company MarketShare, which meta-analyzed thousands of … Read More

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“always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.” – e. e. cummings Fierce Strategy + Creative | Inspiring curious behavior since inception Work with the Fierce People At Fierce Strategy + Creative, we align strategy with marketplace reality and execute it beautifully. We’re fiercely committed to research and strategy driving our process and ultimately, our creative product. We’re here to help identify together what’s now and what’s next for your brand. What we do Research. Strategy. Creative. Branding. National and International TV, Video Production and Launch. Digital and Web. Media Suite. Special Projects. Get to know our CEO, check out the list of national and … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Are websites just wierd slow apps with nobody in them?

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Now Reading | The Next Internet is TV These words got my attention when I read this article: What was even the point of websites, certain people will find themselves wondering. Were they just weird slow apps with nobody in them? Why? Hmm. I found it interesting to read the author’s thoughts. Here are some of the excerpts I pulled out for further consideration: The only thing that keeps people coming back to apps in great enough numbers over time to make real money is the presence of other people. So the only apps that people use in the way publications want their readers to behave—with … Read More

Going Rogue.

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Rogue Films, London, is one of my absolute favorite companies to work with for large TV projects. I have been blessed to work on two major national campaigns with their crew. Check it out! They did this spot for the Super Bowl. Of course they did. They are just that awesome. Here’s some of the work we did with them on behalf of our clients while I was owner and Creative Director of my previous agency: *This work was created by the team at JDA, including Beckie Manley while serving as JDA’s Director of Creative Services (Creative Director), and is owned by SandRidge Energy.

The power of the imagination.

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Take just a moment out of your busy day today and watch this beautiful spot by Comcast. What a lovely story, what beautiful production, and what an incredible idea. Such a little gift by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

PeopleFronts. Because your consumer is more than just a demo.

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Today I am exploring Simulmedia, an exciting company that I was recently introduced to owned by serial entrepreneur, Dave Morgan. In their 2014 PeopleFront, they talked about the future of data and how it’s used when buying television time. They introduced the PeopleFront audience to not just the demo, but to the person behind that demo. And they discussed TV’s people-centric future and the tremendous value in reaching the right target with TV. Steve Hasker, Global President of Nielsen, who attended the event said, “Today we are seeing media companies who are very innovative and who are leaning in to using impact outcome based data. We’re seeing … Read More

McDonald’s new currency is love.

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A few weeks ago in one of my posts I called attention to the McDonald’s brand and how they are using love (pulled from their ‘I’m lovin’ it’ tagline) as the foundation for their new campaign efforts in 2015. I promised to be paying attention to the execution of this concept and today I saw another TV spot about to air in the Super Bowl. In the ad, McDonald’s revealed its new kind of currency at the counter: love. Instead of paying with money for their fries and apple pie, the guests are asked to call their mom and tell her they love her, give their family … Read More

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Take a moment today to just enjoy some excellent television. Bravo to the teams who created these. Nicely done, Anomaly and Jake Scott.