Fierce Excerpts: The Changing Landscape of Media Post-Pandemic.

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A new era of media. As we navigate our way through this unprecidented time with our Fierce clients and observe the world of media as a whole, there are many positive and much needed changes happening in real time—and many more on the horizon. Forbes published a great article with quotes from thought leaders on the topic of changes in media during this pandemic and we have called out highlights of the article below. To read the entire Forbes article, click here: Contactless experiences “We will see a long-lasting shift in the way people shop and engage with brands post-pandemic as a result. Driven by shelter-in-place mandates, consumers … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Are websites just wierd slow apps with nobody in them?

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Now Reading | The Next Internet is TV These words got my attention when I read this article: What was even the point of websites, certain people will find themselves wondering. Were they just weird slow apps with nobody in them? Why? Hmm. I found it interesting to read the author’s thoughts. Here are some of the excerpts I pulled out for further consideration: The only thing that keeps people coming back to apps in great enough numbers over time to make real money is the presence of other people. So the only apps that people use in the way publications want their readers to behave—with … Read More

PeopleFronts. Because your consumer is more than just a demo.

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Today I am exploring Simulmedia, an exciting company that I was recently introduced to owned by serial entrepreneur, Dave Morgan. In their 2014 PeopleFront, they talked about the future of data and how it’s used when buying television time. They introduced the PeopleFront audience to not just the demo, but to the person behind that demo. And they discussed TV’s people-centric future and the tremendous value in reaching the right target with TV. Steve Hasker, Global President of Nielsen, who attended the event said, “Today we are seeing media companies who are very innovative and who are leaning in to using impact outcome based data. We’re seeing … Read More