Fierce Excerpts: Simple Keys to a Strong Brand


Now Reading | The Often Forgotten Elements of a Strong Brand I came across this little article today as I was scanning through my twitter feed. These things are some of the basic fundamentals when it comes to branding but they are always good reminders: Audience Knowledge A strong brand knows exactly who its audience is, what they need, desire, pain points, fear and wants. The successful business brand will keep delivering quality solutions to their target audience, time and time again, over time and will not be stuck in the past. Product Differentiation A strong business brand can instantly be recognized as being unique from … Read More

The Fierce People: Jack Burgess

brandfiercely1The Fierce People

As part of the ongoing series of posts featuring the wonderful human beings who make up the Fierce People, I want to introduce you to Jack Burgess. When Jack first heard I was starting my own company called Fierce Strategy + Creative after almost a decade long run with my previous company, JDA, he insisted on doing the branding. I have known Jack since college and am a huge fan of his beautiful paintings and his wonderful scribe and design work with Fortune 500 brands across the country and I was eager to work with him on Fierce. A big part of what I do as a … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Are you creating a buzz or a brand?

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Now Reading | The Future of Advertising Still Rests on the Art of Connecting Brands and Consumers Storytelling still wins. Here is a wonderful little snippet from the article: Advertising has always been about connecting brands with people. It still is. But today we know a lot more about the people with whom we want to connect and almost every day we’re given new tools to help us make those connections. Plus, now, if we do it right, those folks we actually engage will connect with each other and with all their friends to help us build a whole community of brand fans and activists. We’ve … Read More

Q + A on Project Management. You live—and you learn.

brandfiercely1Creative Process, From the CEO

I’ve been in the ad business for a long time. And every once in a while I get asked questions about how I’ve handled situations over the years. Here are the most recent three and my candid answers: How did you handle an unexpected problem that happened during your last project? Every project has unexpected issues that come up. You have to be prepared from the start for these problems so they don’t derail you midway. Give your team extra time, extra budget, and manage your client expectations carefully each day. One project we did recently was for a special-order lunch box that was going to be … Read More