So—what exactly does Fierce do for clients?

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So—what exactly does Fierce do for clients? Each client that comes to Fierce has different needs related to strategy, branding, marketing, and advertising—and the services and expertise we provide one client may not be exactly what another client needs. As a national boutique agency and strategic brand partner, Fierce offers a customized and specialized approach to each of our clients. Our Fierce client Coastal Beverage Company, Inc., demonstrates the many aspects of how we help both start-ups and multimillion- and multibillion-dollar brands grow and thrive with the daily management of their brand. We rebrand fleets of trucks and vehicles. We build functional philosophies and core values for … Read More

Fierce’s CEO shares what it means to have a strategic brand partner.

brandfiercely1Fierce Strategy + Creative, From the CEO

Fierce Strategy + Creative

*Image used with permission from Ellen Silverman.  We love to see the brands we serve grow. One of the biggest things that gets us excited at Fierce is when clients tell us that their numbers are up, their employees are sharing that they feel reinspired by their newly crafted core values, their company is experiencing a level of growth they didn’t know was possible, a board of directors meeting was shorter than expected because performance continues to be so strong—or that they were simply able to make a tough call with confidence because they used their brand as their compass and trusted their strategy. All of this comes … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Leading by heart.

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Now Reading | Leading by Heart A business colleague who I adore, Amanda Sutt, first introduced me to E-Myth. I was reading one of their articles the other day and I really appreciated their perspective on leadership. The article talked about the difference between leading with your head and your heart. When you lead with your heart, they suggest that you have to change the word CEO to a verb—you are no longer the CEO, you are CEO-ing. I like this concept. It makes a lot of sense. The writer says: Maybe someday we’ll lose the very ‘military-industrial complex sounding’ noun Chief Executive Officer in favor … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Why the Bull-White House Agency is shutting down.

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Now Reading | The Owner of This Closing Shop Explains What Went Wrong. Image from Let’s be honest. Sometimes being in advertising can be brutal. It’s a personal business with high expectations all around and that can be hard. And being an entrepreneur on top of that—well, that can be a double hit. It’s not for the faint of heart to be sure. Thankfully, this business can also be magical. And for me, there is no other business I would rather be in, despite it’s risks to life and limb, and sometimes, sanity. Sometimes things go wrong and when I see an article like this … Read More

Fierce logo variations appearing on a t-shirt soon.


Love sharing the variations we explored before landing on our final brand. The branding process is so much fun when you are working with talented designers. These will still be a part of the brand. Look for them incorporated on a t-shirt soon. Rock on.

Fierce Excerpts: The things that frustrate clients.

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Now Reading | 7 Pain Points Between Marketers and Agencies One of my favorite meetings I have ever had with a new client started out with the owner of the company addressing his executive team and my agency team together. He said yes, we would accomplish great things together–of this he was confident. That’s why he had hired us to be his strategic partner. But more importantly, he wanted to make sure that we would still think highly of each other when the projects were done. Would we treat each other kindly, would we value our interactions, would we still be friends, and would we still … Read More

Note to self: 10 quick reminders for entrepreneurs


Love this good advice to entrepreneurs, myself included, from Entrepreneur Magazine: 1. Lying to yourself or others about your traction. Careful, or you start to believe your own lies. Related: 10 Essential Startup Expenses, and 10 You Should Avoid 2. Focusing on too many things at once. Become excellent in one thing. 3. Working yourself to death. Don’t do it. Outsource. 4. Following shiny objects. Stay focused. 5. Building terrible “lean” products. Don’t build crap. 6. Using the word “I”. It’s all about humility. Related: 5 Questions to Ask About Your Financial Model to Add Real Value To Your Startup 7. Building companies with no revenue. It’s a business, not a hobby. Create something that … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: 89 business clichés that render you useless.

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Now Reading | 89 Business Cliches That Will Get Any MBA Promoted and Make Them Totally Useless. This article from Forbes totally cracked me up. It really needs no explanation, just read and enjoy. I included 25 here. Be sure to check excuses like this at the door when you come to Fierce. Our philosophy is one lick of the lollipop of mediocrity and you’ll suck forever. Here are the biggest cliches that will help you get promoted to middle management because they’ll make you sound like you know a lot about how organizations operate (along with my handy translations). When possible, you should use these … Read More

Fierce Strategy + Creative. Proven problem solvers for your brand.


“always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.” – e. e. cummings Fierce Strategy + Creative | Inspiring curious behavior since inception Work with the Fierce People At Fierce Strategy + Creative, we align strategy with marketplace reality and execute it beautifully. We’re fiercely committed to research and strategy driving our process and ultimately, our creative product. We’re here to help identify together what’s now and what’s next for your brand. What we do Research. Strategy. Creative. Branding. National and International TV, Video Production and Launch. Digital and Web. Media Suite. Special Projects. Get to know our CEO, check out the list of national and … Read More

About PowerToFly and how empathy is a great teacher.

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I am smiling to myself as I read a recent story about Katharine Zaleski, President of PowerToFly, on her journey toward empathy for the working mother. As a working mother myself, who is starting her third company, I get it. I get both sides of the story. No one understands anything about kids until suddenly they have one of their own. But I love that she made such a public apology simply for the attention it has garnered for the topic. And I love that she has been so beautifully proactive on helping to fix the mindset and the problem. I have been a working mother as … Read More