Transforming brands together | The Zefco Industrial Flooring case study

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When the Fierce team gets invited to the party, big things happen. Zefco Industrial Flooring, a South Carolina-based company with customers across the U.S., approached Fierce in need of a bold new brand and a bold new brand strategy. We met with fearless Zefco president Derrick Zearley, toured the Zefco facility, met the team, and spent time listening and learning in our Discovery Day process. And together with Derrick, Fierce began to shape a fresh new strategic direction for the brand. Our clients share their vision. At Fierce, we’re privileged to work with the best clients. During our Fierce Discovery Day experiences, clients share their heart and … Read More

So—what exactly does Fierce do for clients?

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So—what exactly does Fierce do for clients? Each client that comes to Fierce has different needs related to strategy, branding, marketing, and advertising—and the services and expertise we provide one client may not be exactly what another client needs. As a national boutique agency and strategic brand partner, Fierce offers a customized and specialized approach to each of our clients. Our Fierce client Coastal Beverage Company, Inc., demonstrates the many aspects of how we help both start-ups and multimillion- and multibillion-dollar brands grow and thrive with the daily management of their brand. We rebrand fleets of trucks and vehicles. We build functional philosophies and core values for … Read More

Fierce’s CEO shares what it means to have a strategic brand partner.

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Fierce Strategy + Creative

*Image used with permission from Ellen Silverman.  We love to see the brands we serve grow. One of the biggest things that gets us excited at Fierce is when clients tell us that their numbers are up, their employees are sharing that they feel reinspired by their newly crafted core values, their company is experiencing a level of growth they didn’t know was possible, a board of directors meeting was shorter than expected because performance continues to be so strong—or that they were simply able to make a tough call with confidence because they used their brand as their compass and trusted their strategy. All of this comes … Read More

Your customer referral program is actually profitable.

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Now Reading | Why Customer Referrals Can Drive Stunning Profits  If you are wondering if your customer referral program really works, the answer is yes according to research done by Harvard Business Review. Not only do they say it can be profitable, but strikingly profitable. Let’s check out why. We studied 10,000 accounts in a large German bank over a period of three years, and found that customers obtained through referrals are both more loyal and more valuable than other customers. After controlling for such factors as age and gender, we calculated that referred customers are, on average, about 18% more likely than others to stay with … Read More

Fierce logo variations appearing on a t-shirt soon.


Love sharing the variations we explored before landing on our final brand. The branding process is so much fun when you are working with talented designers. These will still be a part of the brand. Look for them incorporated on a t-shirt soon. Rock on.

Bear Sightings + Fierce people

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Happy Monday! Today I am excited to share a new illustration that one of my favorite Fierce people, Andy Heckathorne, has done for our company. This illustration will be featured soon throughout the Fierce brand so keep an eye out for its debut both in color and in black and white. I asked Andy to put together a little video of the making of the illustration so we could get a sneak peek at how the magic happens. Our team shared with Andy some of the important elements that are meaningful to the Fierce brand like the city scape, the stars, the horns, the lightening bolt, the … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: The daunting task of visualizing Don Draper’s brilliant ideas.

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Now Reading | How Mad Men Co-Producer Made Don Draper’s Work Believable. In this awesome little article, Adweek talks about Josh Weltman, a co-producer of Mad Men, who created most of the ad campaigns seen on the show. As a creative director myself, I know this must have been an incredible responsibility–and a daunting one at that. Here were a few of the questions he was asked in the interview about the process of creating Don’s artwork. And above are some of his fun ad layouts that brought Don Draper’s ideas to life on the show. To look authentic, did you do the ads freehand? Usually I … Read More

Google talks about micro-moments: intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences are shaped.


I recently signed up to receive updates from “Think With Google.” ( This morning I had a great article waiting for me in my inbox by Sridhar Ramaswamy called “How Micro-Moments Are Changing the Rules.” I love it. He defines “micro-moments” as intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire consumer journey. They occur when we’re waiting in line at the airport, sitting at a drive-thru at Starbucks, or waiting in car line to pick up our kids from school. As a consumer, I know these moments well. As a branding agency, it makes me think of something I say often to our clients: … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: “Relentlessly pursuing worthiness.” A lesson from Kraft.

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Now Reading: Kraft Says It Gets Four Times Better ROI from Content Than Ads Kraft Foods is no stranger to content marketing. Julie Fleisher, the company’s director of data, content and media, is quoted as saying that Kraft now generates the equivalent of 1.1 BILLION ad impressions a year and a four-times better ROI through content-marketing than through even targeted advertising. Fleisher says one key has been thinking of content in some ways the same as paid advertising. Facebook and other social media actually have led many marketers to de-value content by thinking of the distribution as free. “It’s not about putting something out every day to … Read More

Taking stock of the value of company culture.

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Forbes asks: Do The Best Places To Work Perform Better In The Market? Great question. It seems like a logical conclusion based on all we know about happy and fulfilled employees but I was curious to see the data. Forbes asks: Does company culture pay off? Are the best places to work also market successes? Do places that have poor culture and unhappy workers, likewise, do worse off? This is difficult to prove but possible to correlate. Glassdoor takes a look at their five years of history of companies rated best places to work and their performance in the market. They examined the stock performance for these companies … Read More