Bear Sightings.

brandfiercely1Bear Sightings

Love watching the family of Fierce brand elements grow. Rock on. It just keeps getting better and better thanks to the awesome Fierce people.

Bear sightings.

brandfiercely1Bear Sightings

I am so in love with this image. Animal stories by Elicia Edijanto. Thanks to Jack Burgess for sharing citing, “As this is the year you went face to face with the bear.” Link here:

Some clients are just a privilege to work with.

brandfiercely1Client Highlights I loved reading Ken’s blog post this morning (see link above). I love to see past clients doing awesome! It makes me so happy. As owner and President and Creative Director of my previous agency, JDA, our team was honored to contribute the many regional, national, and internationally acclaimed awards that currently fill those beautiful glass shelves. I remember when we first started working with Ken Ham, the courageous, funny, and witty CEO of AiG. He had a small shelf behind his desk where we first started to collect his awards but it filled up quickly and started to overflow. One day, when we had won … Read More

Fierce Strategy + Creative. Proven problem solvers for your brand.


“always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.” – e. e. cummings Fierce Strategy + Creative | Inspiring curious behavior since inception Work with the Fierce People At Fierce Strategy + Creative, we align strategy with marketplace reality and execute it beautifully. We’re fiercely committed to research and strategy driving our process and ultimately, our creative product. We’re here to help identify together what’s now and what’s next for your brand. What we do Research. Strategy. Creative. Branding. National and International TV, Video Production and Launch. Digital and Web. Media Suite. Special Projects. Get to know our CEO, check out the list of national and … Read More

PeopleFronts. Because your consumer is more than just a demo.

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Today I am exploring Simulmedia, an exciting company that I was recently introduced to owned by serial entrepreneur, Dave Morgan. In their 2014 PeopleFront, they talked about the future of data and how it’s used when buying television time. They introduced the PeopleFront audience to not just the demo, but to the person behind that demo. And they discussed TV’s people-centric future and the tremendous value in reaching the right target with TV. Steve Hasker, Global President of Nielsen, who attended the event said, “Today we are seeing media companies who are very innovative and who are leaning in to using impact outcome based data. We’re seeing … Read More

The Fierce People: Misty Rude

brandfiercely1The Fierce People

As part of the ongoing series introducing the wonderful human beings who make up the Fierce People, I would love to introduce Misty Rude. Misty is truly fierce about editing and FS+C is thrilled to have her working with us. I hired Misty to work with my creative team at my previous entity and was always thrilled with her thoroughness and attention to detail and she has been serving our Fierce clients with the same level of excellence. I have two rules as a creative director and one of them is to always, always, always get things edited. There is never an exception to that rule so … Read More

But though she be but little, she is fierce. —W. Shakespeare.

brandfiercely1We're Hiring

Today I am excited to announce my next adventure. The last decade of my life has been a wild ride full of magical, intensely challenging, and amazing moments, but I find myself ready and eager for what’s next. During my career, I have been privileged and blessed to work with incredible people. Together we have shaped billion dollar brands, influenced multi-million dollar projects, and touched faith-based and local advocacy clients—all equally significant and meaningful to my heart. As of November 1st, 2014, Fierce Strategy + Creative will be the next chapter. Stay tuned for the exciting debut of the newly minted brand. Please delete my JDA email … Read More