So what’s so important about doing your homework first in the creative process?

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Creative Process | 0 comments

This. This is what is important. This is just a tiny little lesson on why the following are the house rules for Fierce:

Do your homework, stay curious, create fearlessly, follow directions, communicate honestly, act kindly, and edit. Always edit.

Below is an image of a bottle of tomato and mushroom sauce for the unfortunate brand Middle Earth Organics. What their designer did not realize apparently was the origins of the image he selected for the label. This is why research and doing homework first is critical. If you zoom out from the photo you can see that she is actually mid-decapitation of a poor unlucky soul. Not exactly appetizing.

Note to self to always be looking out for the brands who trust us to be doing our homework first. This is such a good reminder for designers everywhere.

tomatosaucelabel tomatosaucepainting

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