Oil + Gas | SandRidge Energy
Our strategic approach helped advance this multibillion-dollar brand from #4 to #1 in brand recognition in less than 12 months. “In my 35 years of doing consumer research, I have never seen a company make that kind of a bold move, that quickly.” —Britt Beemer, America’s Research Group.

Project components
Strategy, research, branding, positioning, photography, copy, internal culture, website design, national award-winning TV, media, and creative work with White Fields, a non-profit organization. Please email or call for a full detailed case study.

Kind words from our internationally acclaimed TV production team for SandRidge Energy national TV campaign:

“Beckie Manley sits right up there as the most passionate, enthusiastic and supportive of creative directors we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Every job pushes the boundaries of creative ambition but in an atmosphere of genuine collaboration and mutual support. Beckie has a rare combination of creative skills, business acumen and humanity. In a climate which is less trusting than it used to be, where the budgets have to work harder and fear of failure is the prime motivator, we can’t speak more highly of Beckie and the way she always respected and motivated the production team. I hope we’re lucky enough to keep working with her long into the future.” —David van der Gaag, Owner, Rogue Films, UK

“Beckie was a fantastic creative director to work with as an editor. She gave us the freedom to explore our own creative discoveries in the edit, while also giving us insightful advice on how to make the edit have a better structure and story. When she came into the edit suite, she brought many great ideas on how to take the edit in interesting new directions. I very much look forward to working with Beckie again.” —Leo King, Film Editor and Owner, STITCH, UK