Transforming brands together | The Zefco Industrial Flooring case study

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Advertising, Branding, Creative Process

When the Fierce team gets invited to the party, big things happen.
Zefco Industrial Flooring, a South Carolina-based company with customers across the U.S., approached Fierce in need of a bold new brand and a bold new brand strategy. We met with fearless Zefco president Derrick Zearley, toured the Zefco facility, met the team, and spent time listening and learning in our Discovery Day process. And together with Derrick, Fierce began to shape a fresh new strategic direction for the brand.

Our clients share their vision.
At Fierce, we’re privileged to work with the best clients. During our Fierce Discovery Day experiences, clients share their heart and their personal vision for what’s possible, and then this vision guides all of us every step of the way. We keep this vision at the forefront of everything we do so that the Fierce collective and the clients stay on track with our strategic goals during the entire process.

Zefco started something fierce. 
As the company President, Derrick had incredible insights and energy for what was possible with the Zefco brand. Fierce delivered an informed brand strategy, approaches and tactics for accomplishing this strategy, and specific brand components and tools to bring the brand strategy to life for Derrick and his team. The new logo and positioning—Expect More with Us—emerged first. This was incorporated into the new brand family, collateral, social media channels, and many other components. We took new headshots of Derrick and restructured his personal LinkedIn page and profile.

Fierce then wrote and designed a new website for the brand.

We designed new trade show materials and vehicle graphics enabling Derrick’s fleet to advertise the brand. With red-hot custom camo design and black matte finish on the vinyl, Derrick’s fleet is the best-looking set of company vehicles on the east coast.

Fierce reenvisioned the brand architecture as well, creating a family of new sub-brands.

We created 3D renderings and printed labels for all of Zefco’s new products and services to introduce them to the consumer and aid with sales. We also printed and shipped sales sheets, postcards, brochures, and pocket folders to support the sales team.

Apparel is always an important part of a brand—so we create designs and practical pieces that a team can wear on the job. (And thanks, Derrick—we loved getting our own fun care package of awesome apparel that we now wear around the Fierce offices! Thanks, Zefco! You rock.)

Are you ready to get Fierce?
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