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by | Feb 25, 2015 | Advertising, Branding, Digital, People + things that inspire us

Today I am exploring Simulmedia, an exciting company that I was recently introduced to owned by serial entrepreneur, Dave Morgan. In their 2014 PeopleFront, they talked about the future of data and how it’s used when buying television time. They introduced the PeopleFront audience to not just the demo, but to the person behind that demo. And they discussed TV’s people-centric future and the tremendous value in reaching the right target with TV.

Steve Hasker, Global President of Nielsen, who attended the event said, “Today we are seeing media companies who are very innovative and who are leaning in to using impact outcome based data. We’re seeing companies who are very thoughtful about programming and ad sales.”

The event put clients, Nielsen and sales all on the same stage together in a disruptive move.

Here is how Simulmedia describes themselves:
Simulmedia is the pioneer and market leader in audience-based advertising on TV. We marry the power of advertising placements on national TV inventory with the accuracy of data driven audience targeting to sell and deliver the most precise, results-driven national TV advertising of any TV or media network. Since 2009, our mission has been to build the data resources, audience knowledge, inventory access, and technology platform to deliver results-driven TV advertising.

Here’s how they work:
Simulmedia’s audience targeting platform, a7, connects multiple TV viewership data sources together to develop an accurate view of how well your brand is reaching the target audience, what your target is watching, and how you stack up against your competitors.
The a7 planning tool:

Simulmedia’s planning tool helps you get smarter about your upcoming TV schedule, and see the scale of the Simulmedia Audience Network in action for your brand. Our deep inventory partnerships give us access to 75% of the ad inventory available on TV across most national cable networks, allowing us to find the most cost-efficient spots with the highest probability of reaching your audience. Input the campaign flight dates, budget and target audience to see what a Simulmedia TV ad campaign could do for your brand. Campaign overview includes forecasted GRPs, CPM, daily impressions and audience reach.

To learn more about how to make your TV advertising accountable for business outcomes, not just media outputs, check out Simulmedia here:

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