Note to self: 10 quick reminders for entrepreneurs


Love this good advice to entrepreneurs, myself included, from Entrepreneur Magazine:

1. Lying to yourself or others about your traction. Careful, or you start to believe your own lies.

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2. Focusing on too many things at once. Become excellent in one thing.

3. Working yourself to death. Don’t do it. Outsource.

4. Following shiny objects. Stay focused.

5. Building terrible “lean” products. Don’t build crap.

6. Using the word “I”. It’s all about humility.

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7. Building companies with no revenue. It’s a business, not a hobby. Create something that has value and a price associated with it.

8. Asking investors to sign non-disclosure agreements. Amateur.

9. Thinking that you’re the only company in your space. Reject this ignorance.

10. Building photo sharing and mobile dating apps. This ship has sailed.

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