National Branding Work | Mainstreet


National Branding Work | Mainstreet
Beckie and her team branded and crafted the positioning line for Inc. 500 company Mainstreet Capital: investing more than capital. The new brand placed Mainstreet in a state of readiness, allowing them to capitalize on the moment and entertain several multi-million dollar offers at their first public event.

Project components
National award-winning brand work. Other brands we’ve influenced in this category: MutualBank, Tapstone Energy, Mainstreet Capital, SandRidge Energy, Warner University, Maranatha Baptist University, Hitachi, Revalesio Pharmaceutical, JHM Hotels, 7-J Ranch, Char-Griller, Impact Capital, Kingswell Capital, Fuse Frozen Yogurt franchise. Please email or call for full detailed case studies.

Kind words from the clients:
“I have been working with Beckie Manley since February 2008. I love the fact that Beckie is accessible to me, which is something I did not fully expect when I partnered with an agency. Beckie can take the intent of what I want to communicate and package it creatively so that it reaches the recipient’s heart—a task not easily accomplished when talking about banking. She is intuitive and insightful. She not only understands the bank, she has become a part of it.” —Jenny Yarborough, VP Marketing, MutualBank

“As an entrepreneur and business person, I understand the incredible importance of branding. Beckie created a beautiful and powerful brand for us, and from day one, her team has been absolutely vital to our company’s continued success. Beckie is someone I can rely on and trust; she has been a strategic partner versus a vendor and continues to be a great friend through the process.” —Justin Henshaw, Fuse

“We had several unique challenges with both branding and messaging a highly technical concept as well as a tight timeline. The creative team under Beckie Manley’s leadership worked diligently to understand our needs, and the final deliverables are both articulate and visually stunning.”—Jay Cooper, Managing Director, Impact Capital

“I have worked with Beckie on both reinventing a brand as well as creating one from scratch. Her ability to understand her client’s dreams, take personal ownership in that dream, and then work tirelessly to bring those dreams to life is truly Beckie’s core competency.” —Greg Dewey, VP, Tapstone Energy