Introducing the Sleuth Society

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Bear Sightings, Branding, Fierce Strategy + Creative, From the CEO

Let’s grow Fierce together
At Fierce, we love new business leads who come to us because they’ve heard great things about our work or about the Fierce people from a friend. A warm introduction always allows us to begin a working relationship, and ultimately a wonderful new friendship, on a strong foundation of trust and confidence right from the start. It helps us more efficiently accomplish our mission of doing mighty work with excellence for the brands that we serve—and as a result, effecting change in our world.


Fierce has created the Sleuth Society
Neilson data continues to show that people are 4 times more likely to do business with a brand when referred by a friend. We’ve taken this data, and the copious research that supports it, to heart and have started the Fierce Sleuth Society.

Want to help us change our world?
We love that a group of bears is called a sleuth—and that a sleuth is also someone who explores and discovers new things. It’s the perfect name for a group of fierce people working together to grow and influence something special. Fierce, along with FierceVentures™ and Velvet™, is making a difference in our world, and if you would like to be a part of that, we invite you to the Sleuth Society.

Email us today for your starter kit
Beckie Manley, Founder and Idea Chief of Fierce Strategy + Creative, has a 25-year history of bringing excellent teams together who produce great work with powerful results, radically moving entrepreneurial start-up brands, multimillion-dollar brands, and multibillion-dollar brands forward with consistent success—and with a whole lot of love and infectious enthusiasm. If you would like to be a Fierce Sleuth, email us today for your starter kit.

Let’s do this
If you know a CEO, CFO, CMO, investor, entrepreneur, or executive team member who is looking for a strategic brand partner, please reach out to Beckie Manley today for an initial discussion to see if their company might be a good fit for Fierce.

If your company is looking for a strategic brand partner, we invite you to brand fiercely with us.