Destination | Creation Museum


Destination | Creation Museum
Creating a brand for an entity like the Creation Museum was an entirely unique challenge. Branding it, positioning it with “Prepare to believe,” and then marketing and advertising it was some of the most fun our team has ever had.

The animated TV spots for the Creation Museum, developed in partnership with Duck Studios in LA, have helped bring in over 2 million visitors to the museum, while stealing hearts and garnering eight international awards. The museum exceeded first-year attendance expectations at 5 months and 5 days and reached its one-millionth visitor before their third year anniversary.

Project components
Strategy, research, branding, positioning, copywriting, digital, 2013 OBIE finalist outdoor campaign, regional and national award-winning print, and national and international award-winning TV. Other brands we’ve influenced in this category: JHM Hotels, Ark Encounter, Greenville Convention and Visitors Center. Please email or call for full detailed case studies.