Fierce Q&A on Thought Leadership.

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What role should thought leadership play in a brand’s overall PR strategy?

Thought leadership is something we encourage for a certain segment of our clients. For example, we are working with a digital healthcare company that has unique industry knowledge, innovative solutions, and deep experience that no other brand like theirs has. We have encouraged them to demonstrate thought leadership in a two-pronged way: from their executive team and from the specialists who serve on their board. We work across multiple disciplines to build this through social media, PR, and a strong digital content strategy. We collaborate with our NYC based PR firm to help introduce our clients to the media, secure industry validation and create widespread visibility. 

Do brands that use thought leadership get more publicity?

We caution our brands that developing thought leadership within an industry takes time. It is a process that takes strategy, discipline and commitment—especially if they have not previously been published or been represented in the media as a public figure. When clients commit fully to the process and the investment it requires in both time and funding, they benefit from increased exposure, credibility and publicity. If they can build trust, inspire confidence and consistently demonstrate and replicate success, it can have a positive impact on their brand. 

Is there ever a time a business shouldn’t position themselves as a thought leader?

Before we make any strategic recommendations for a client in this area, we fully vet their brand, their history, their industry expertise or product, and their team. It’s not always the right thing for a particular client. Sometimes there is work to do first before we add this to our brand strategy. When you are a public voice for an industry or technology, it also comes with certain risks. It should not be taken on without careful consideration and an experienced strategic partner.  

1 or 2 thought leadership tips?

Before your brand ventures out on this journey, find a good strategic partner with experience and expertise to help guide and support you every step of the way. 

Have a strong strategy in place before you begin with clear goals and objectives.

Provide everything for free. 

Be a voice, not an echo. 

Build your team to include strong thought leaders who can continue the legacy for the brand.

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