The Fierce people travel to Restenäs, Sweden

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Communication, Company Culture, Creative Process, From the CEO

Photo by Marieke de Klerk


Last week Fierce traveled half way around the globe to Restenäs, Sweden to teach a branding seminar to attendees who travelled in from all over the world. In our sessions, over twelve languages and dialects were represented: English, Swedish, Dutch, French, Nepali, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and Spanish just to name a few! The conversation around the importance of translation alone with word usage in branding was awesome. We were so privileged to teach these incredible world citizens a little bit about the power, strategy and magic of branding.

Defining what a brand is and how to communicate its power

Our classroom for the week was set at the top floor of what used to be an old orphanage. The seagulls in the distance and the cows in the fields below us provided the sound track for our discussion. We used our white boards and shared our discussion decks on the large TV screen in the room and together worked on the basics of learning what a brand is, why does it matter, what is brand architecture, how do you properly communicate a brand, and many other important lessons about communication. Fierce pulled from over 20 years of experience of branding non-profits, faith-based brands, start-ups, and multi-billion dollar brands to give perspective.

We loved some of the definitions of brand that the students shared with the class: 

Our ability to consistently communicate who we are and build trust with our audience

The reason why people choose you; the core of who you are

Your reputation

World changers

The attendees who came to listen to Fierce speak about branding are people actively working to effect change in our world every day. They are building non-profits and organizations working to eliminate sex trafficking, helping people with disabilities, and many other critical causes worldwide. It was our great joy to share our stories and case studies and expertise on branding, marketing, and advertising and guide them along their journeys in some small way. Fierce has had the opportunity to teach branding now in Kona, Switzerland (twice), Nigeria (via Skype), and now Sweden. We can’t wait to see where we head next and what amazing people we will get to meet. Follow all our Fierce travels with our hashtag #FierceOnTheRoad.

We made new friends and were touched with their kind words: 

We would like to thank you so much for coming to Sweden and sharing with our class.  You provided us with so much wisdom and insight into the world of branding and marketing, and we’re walking away from this seminar knowing how we can be a bright light in the creative industry. Thank you!

Thank you to all the attendees. It was we who left inspired and we are cheering on all your amazing endeavors from the US. Rock on. You are fierce.

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