The Fierce People: Jeanie The Bear.

brandfiercely1The Fierce People

Micah 4:13

Rise and thresh, Daughter Zion, for I will give you horns of iron; I will give you hooves of bronze, and you will break to pieces many nations. You will devote their ill-gotten gains to the Lord, their wealth to the Lord of all the earth.

I loved discovering this today thanks to Jeanie de Beer with Create by Faith. Her beautiful logo for Create by Faith representing this promise is below.

Jeanie de Beer is one of the Fierce People and I am so incredibly thrilled to be working alongside her. How awesome is it that Jeanie’s name de Beer actually means “the Bear” which has become a powerful symbol for Fierce representing insatiable curiosity on behalf of our clients. Jeanie is fiercely committed to excellence and expanding our client base internationally and Fierce is blessed beyond measure to have her.