Instead of saying “I’m sorry,” say “Thank you.” What a great way to change the conversation.

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*Image from If you follow our blog here at Fierce, you know how we feel about women (in particular) always saying “I’m sorry.” You can read some of our past stories on this topic here: and here There are a lot of theories on why women say “I’m sorry.” It’s an interesting phenomenon that drives us a little crazy. I LOVE this visual approach to saying “Thank you” instead of “I’m sorry.” It’s a smart way to change the conversation. You can enjoy the entire article here:

Fierce Excerpts: A focus on powerful ideas has more impact than relentless activity.

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I’m fascinated with what’s happening with the McDonald’s brand as we head into 2015. I like the way they’re pulling out the concept of love from their tagline but the verdict is still out for me on the execution. I respect and admire the philosophy from McDonald’s CMO, Deborah Wahl: “A focus on powerful ideas has more impact than relentless activity.” And “Never best, always better.” Both of these are powerful and true statements when it comes to working with any brand. I’m still not ready to eat at McDonald’s, but I’m paying attention to what the year holds for their brand. You can read the article … Read More