Brand fiercely with us.

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Branding, Fierce Strategy + Creative, Uncategorized

Brand fiercely with us.
Over the past few months, the Fierce people have had a lot of fun growing and creating new brands. We have named, positioned, and branded two new companies and one existing brand, two on the west coast and one on the east coast. We love that our clients trust us for these important moments.

Care Net Pregnancy Center
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Coastal Georgia came to us in need of a new name, new logo and new positioning. Together we crafted a brand that will carry them through the next 25 years.

Skylark™ | With you on the journey.

Untethered Outfitters
Untethered Outfitters came to us with a big idea. They needed a name, a logo, and tagline. And we delivered.

Untethered Outfitters™ | Just pack your sense of adventure.

JMC Rota
JMC Rota found our team from sunny California. They needed a new logo, new tagline, and a new website.

JMC Rota | Our connections drive your opportunities.

Brand fiercely with us.
If it’s time to move your company forward strategically with a new name, a new logo, or a refreshed brand, reach out to the Fierce people at today.