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Sports | Bleacher Report
What we love most about working with brands is watching them emerge from local to regional, from regional to national, or from national to global players throughout the strategic and creative process. Bleacher Report was no exception.

BR needed to be positioned in such a way as to make it attractive to top buyers—a complicated task considering the saturated .com marketplace. We started with listening to where BR wanted to go, and then we rolled up our sleeves and helped get them there—by creating simple, strategic and powerful sales decks and sales sheets that made BR stand out in the competition. 18 months later, BR leveraged their assets and was bought by Time Warner for an unprecedented $175 million dollars.

Project components
Strategy, research, branding, internal deck creation, print, and copywriting. Other brands we’ve influenced in this category: NFL and the OKC Thunder. Please email or call for a full detailed case study.

Kind words from the client:
“Beckie, your fantastic attitude and extremely wise insight into our initiatives got us to where we are today. Bleacher Report jumped miles ahead of where we wanted to be once you came on board, and I’m glad I had a chance to work with you.” —David Goldberg, Bleacher Report