Special Project Work | AiG


Special Project Work | AiG

Sometimes the work clients ask you to do is more provocative than others. AiG’s courageous CEO wanted to combat recent atheist campaigns with a message of his own. We wrote a friendly, yet unapologetic message and launched it in the biggest media venues on the planet, with total impressions reaching over 17 million. As a result, visits to the AiG website increased significantly.

Creative Director Beckie Manley is not afraid of a bold campaign. This project (and others like it) under Beckie’s direction have garnered high profile press in the following places:

New York Times
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
CNN Anderson Cooper
Fox News Channel
PBS Religion & Ethics News Weekly
BBC “News Hour”
USA Today
Washington Post
Associated press
Time magazine
Huffington Post

Project components  
Strategy, research, branding, positioning, award-winning TV, trade show booths, award-winning book design, illustration, award-winning print, copywriting, design, outdoor, online, and special campaign work. Please email or call for a full detailed case study.