All transformation takes place in liminal space. (Richard Rohr)

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We are so lucky to be surrounded by intelligent creative people every day at Fierce. They say and share the most inspiring and amazing things and sometimes we just have to pass it on. This comes from a facebook post by Jack Burgess today. It’s from Adams Return by Richard Rohr.

All transformation takes place in liminal space.

Midway in life’s journey, I awoke to find myself alone in a dark wood. –Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Opening Stanza

Liminal space is a concept refined by Victor Turner in his classic study on initiation and ritual. The Latin word limen means “threshold.” Liminality is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where people can begin to think and act in genuinely new ways. It is when we are betwixt and between, have left one room but not yet entered the next room, any hiatus between stages of life, stages of faith, jobs, loves, or relationships. It is that graced time when we are not certain or in control, when something genuinely new can happen. We are empty, receptive, an erased tablet waiting for new words. Nothing fresh or creative will normally happen when are inside our self-constructed comfort zone, only more of the same. Nothing original emerges from business as usual. It seems we need some antistructure to give direction, depth, and purpose to our regular structure. Otherwise structure, which is needed in the first half of life, tends to become a prison as we grow older.

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