The Fierce People: Karen Hansel

brandfiercely1The Fierce People

As part of the ongoing series introducing the wonderful human beings who make up the Fierce People, Karen Hansel is on the top of the list. Karen is someone you just feel lucky to know the moment you meet her. Karen has worked alongside me as part of my creative team for almost a decade. I am so thrilled to consider her a Fierce soulmate. Karen is a senior copywriter and her words have shaped and inspired non-profit brands, faith-based brands, regional brands and national brands alike.

I have had entire board rooms stand up and applaud when I have read Karen’s heartfelt copy and I have had clients moved to tears when I have presented her summation of their brands. Her taglines have been etched in stone and proudly displayed on walls and banners across the country. I have had CPG clients clap and hug her when she presented copy about sunshiny vegetables and heard countless “This is awesome!” remarks from clients when I have passed along her beautiful and strategic words. Karen Hansel is a rare find.

Karen works harder than anyone I know to capture exactly the right words to describe and position a brand or product in the marketplace. When I was the owner of my previous company, JDA, Karen and I worked together on TV for an incredible company run by Tom Ward at the time, SandRidge Energy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Together with my JDA team we crafted a new brand, new brand positioning and TV that captured the heart of the entire city. Listen to Karen’s beautiful words as you enjoy this spot:

This work was created by the team at JDA, including Beckie Manley while serving as JDA’s Director of Creative Services (Creative Director), and is owned by SandRidge Energy.