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Reading up on our industry and on all the fun and fascinating stories we come across every day is one of our favorite things to do at Fierce. We learn so many new and interesting things and this blog is the place where we like to share them with you. We have put together “Fierce Excerpts” which are short parts and pieces of longer articles that allow you to skim the highlights quickly with the option to read the entire article at another time.

Some of our favorite places to find inspiration are Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Adweek, Brain Pickings, NPR, TED Radio Hour, Fast Company and many more. We are committed to staying current with the trends and news within the advertising world as well as uncovering new innovations in the worlds our clients live in every day with their particular brands. We love sharing links with our clients and friends about their industry and we love it even more when they introduce us to challenging or enlightening TED talks, podcasts, articles and wonderful stories. Sometimes we share fun bear sightings or highlight our amazing Fierce people and clients—and sometimes we share a little piece of our heart.

We hope you’ll stop by often and enjoy what you read—and be sure to share your thoughts with us. Thanks for visiting Fierce.