Storytelling lessons from Richard Branson.


I love this because one thing I believe is that greatness is in the details:

Each story is not ladened with distracting facts, details or offers that might otherwise dilute its impact. Richard knows better than anyone that his customers do not need to be spoonfed facts and information to close a sale. As long as he can arouse their interest sufficiently to try his brand, he knows the Virgin experience will take care of the rest. (Can your brand do this? That’s powerful confidence.)

For this to work the brand experience itself must be perfect. Richard is a firm believer that “if you get every little detail right, you’ll succeed”. It’s attention to the details of Virgin’s brand identity that have given it the freedom to flourish. Richard’s stories might always be different, but the core brand story and identity never wavers. Clearly for a business group with as many different interests as Virgin, this is critical. Whether you fly, phone, work out or bank with Virgin, you know exactly what you’re getting. But the lesson is just as relevant for any brand custodian.